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Suggestion - Sims 4 - Sims with Disabilities

by JP585

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Re: Disability for the sims

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You also make some very good points.  I was thinking they could put the wheelchair  and other things into the patch as they did toddlers.  Who does not like free content?  Then put ramps and other things needed in a pack that would include skiing or even skateboarding in a pack Introducing  a new skill.  There are other skills that need a ramp.  That could be a game pack.  Hey they gave us laundry....


Addressing those other disabilities you mentioned  the cane could also be a ski pole adapted and just so it moves in front they would have to work that out.  We have pets now so seeing g eye dogs would be a good skill for a pet.  Also a dog for the deaf.   Make the pets able to do more things even if we cant control  them.  


Someone is going to complain no matter what and I am very surprised  that there have not been more here that have not complained

 Not that I want them to.  I love that we are having a discussion.  But usually you have to be prepared  for others who have no idea what a discussion  is.


The sims now move their hands all over the place with a little control and imagination  they could be doing sign language.  This game is about imagination  right?


I just wish that EA would take some real interest in what the simmers have to say but seems that they listen to a select few who are more active and Express themselves the loudest.  You must have heard the old saying a squeaky  wheel etc.


We can only hope that if they put in disabilities  that they do them where we have choices and can use the things somewhere  else.



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Re: Suggestion - Sims 4 - Sims with Disabilities

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@JP585, you aren't' the only person to suggest this! Standard smile If you would have done a search before posting, you would have seen this thread:

And if you read the entire thread you will see that one of the Sim Gurus has mentioned that they are at least considering this possibility. Raised eyebrow 

I'm just concerned about how this would be implemented. Wondering  Some people really want it but others do not. Confused It would have to be done respectfully as well! HeartI do think it would be possible if they also let Sims just need these items temporarily if they get injured.  (Perhaps a Daredevil pack?!?).  I also love the idea of being able to train your dog to be an assistance animal! Heart

And if they did this they would certainly have to give us better elevators and/or chair lifts for staircases, as well as ramps! Personally I think this would be better served in some kind of offshoot of the Sims, so they could devote more disabilities -- I fear that no matter how many they would include, there would still be some people who feel left out. Frown  

But even if they don't do it for The Sims 4, they might do it for The Sims 5. Wink  It is certainly interesting to think about. 

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Disabled Sims!!

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You know what would be awesome, for the sims? Disability. Give us wheelchairs, canes, walkers, hearing aids, service dogs. Make it so that people can make sims that truly represent themselves and add diversity to the game. I’m not asking for anything crazy, even though sign language being added would be the coolest thing ever, just basic stuff: ramps, wheelchairs, canes, walkers, hearing aids, service dogs, showers with chairs in them, animations that don’t involve standing to move or change, that kind of stuff. The fact that sims doesn’t already have disabilities is disheartening. Help us get disabled sims!!

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Re: Disabled Sims!!


@KittenKaley I have seen many people show interest in this feature, so you are not alone.

  • Sometimes sharing ideas and even posting on the suggestion/feedback area is helpful to rally support for a feature so that EA can see that there is interest:
  • You could also look for CC or Mods that offer this. Mod The Sims (MTS) is a place where many people search for information, Mods/CC,, to ask questions about what is out there, etc.

Hope this helps! Standard smile

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Re: Suggestion - Sims 4 - Sims with Disabilities

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Not a complaint- I love the diversity and inclusivity strides the Sims developers have made.


I get that there will be challenges to adding disabilities, not least that R&D developers like to know what else they can apply the changes to. There are elevators in the Into the future EP, and there are canes in Generations (I think that’s where). So add an option for a larger elevator. Ramps should not pose much more of a challenge than stairs. A white cane among canes should have a few tweaks like “most Sims will get out of the way.


These three changes, as well as low vision and HH/deafness, would be cross applicable to gameplay for elders.


In Sims 3 developers worked out werewolves, fairies and ghosts. I’m sure those were challenging, but not more so than blindness, deafness and wheelchair or crutch dependence. 

Adding these options would also facilitate new consequences and challenges for play. Maybe your Sim doesn’t die in a fire but is blinded. 

There are not currently different language options, but I think there could be. Braille, ASL, but why not also Simanese, Simgonese, Simabic, Simaranian, Simskrit and Simdu? They don’t have to sound very different, since they’re all fantasy languages. For instance when you lock a door, you can choose which Sims can understand your Sim (only family members, only Sims from abroad, or no other Sims. Or Sims World Languages could be an EP. 


I would pay to play a disability EP or a linguistic diversity EP. 

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Re: Suggestion - Sims 4 - Sims with Disabilities

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@cherokee66irish We had an earlier discussion on this in a different thread if you'd like to take a look.

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When will people with disabilities be included in the sims..?

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For real 

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Wheelchair bound people cant be a sim.

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Ive been playing the sims for 11+ years and im still wondering the same question...WHEN WILL SIMS BE ABLE TO HAVE DISABILITIES????? its extremely upsetting to me thag after all this time and evolution of the game and still no one at EA has considered including EVERYONE. Ive wanted to recreate my best friend and I for years but she is wheelchair bound therefore I can't make her, she cannot be represented in my game. Its hurtful. Theres no wheelchairs, no blind options such as canes/glasses/eyes, no hearing aide accesories, no options to create a sim with dwarfism, no various scaring for burns or surgeries, and the list goes on. Fix this EA. Fix this MAXIS. Its 2021 and time for everyone to be included in the sims.

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