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Re: disabled sims

by jpkarlsen

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Suggestion - Sims 4 - Sims with Disabilities

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I honestly believe Sims 4 is the perfect environment to represent people with disabilities.  There are very few major games which do so.


Elements that could be put in include:

  • Wheelchair Bound Sims
    • Ramps/Elevators they can use instead of stairs
  • Walkers/Canes (for elderly/injured sims)
  • Deafness
    • add Sign Language skill. Without it, they would be limited to non verbal communication.
    • Appropriate handicap in learning auditory skills
  • Blindness
    • Seeing eye pets
    • White Canes
    • Appropriate handicap in learning visual skills

And so on...

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Disability for the sims

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I live every day of my life with more then one disability and when I play the sims games while I love that I can make it so my sims don't have the same things I go through on a daily basis. I keep finding it lacking not everyone in the world has perfect health and I believe that giving the option to have a sim that has a disability would in fact be welcomed by many in the disabled community. Though I do understand that there might be just as many if not more (though I dont think so) that don't want it. I hope though that the ones that would like to help raise awareness of disabilities will also speak up

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Re: Disability for the sims


It would be very difficult to implement. So I don't think it will ever happen.

Please only PM me when asked to do so. Questions and answers belong here so everyone can benefit from them.

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Re: Disability for the sims


@godslittleangel, I feel for you -- it can be disheartening when you don't feel the game represents you completely, be it something minor like body freckles or height, or something major like an illness or disability.  Frown

Part of the problem with a company adding disabilities to a game is that there are so many different disabilities, that you could not include them all; someone is going to be left out no matter what EA  does. Confused  The only way to potentially address this is if they made a Sims-like game that centered around disabilities and illnesses.  

This is similar to a topic I replied on a while back about wheelchairs in the Sims. Standard smile  Here is the link:

Like I stated in this other post, your best bet is to search for CC or Mods that are related to your issue.   And maybe in the future you or some other like minded person can make a game that centers around various disabilities! Wink

Best of luck, and happy Simming! Heart

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disabled sims

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Will there ever be disabled sims added?
As a disabled person it honestly breaks my heart that I can't play as myself fully in the game. I watch my sim run around, go on walks, and so on but I can't personally do that and it just depresses me. I can't live out my full life.
I'd love to see wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, blind sims, feeding tubes, breathing tubes, and so one added into this game. Its suppose to simulate real life and real world struggles (but in a fun sims way) but it cuts out a HUGE group of people who currently cannot see themselves in the game.
A fantastic thing to do would be to even pair with a charity so if it's sold as a expansion pack, then 30% of proceeds can go to them, so people don't feel angered for buying a big pack just to be disabled. Cause with the amount of work it'd need to be added in it'd make since for EA not to have it be free, which I get.
But I just hope one day we can actually HAVE disabled sims added so I can actually see myself in something.

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Re: disabled sims

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I read all the "new ideas for the sims" threads on this forum for the last couple of months, and yours is the best and most important that I've ever put my eyes upon! This is such an amazing idea, I would love it!
The Sims 4 Diversity expansion/game pack, I would gladly pay even more for that if money went to charity! Heart

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Re: disabled sims




While a good idea I can not see this happen in the Sims 4. It would take a lot of changes in the game for this. For instance there are no Elevators so a wheelchair would mean only the ground floor is accessible and only if the house does not have a foundation as this would require stairs. There would have to be changes to a lot of things to accommodate for changes in interactions performed by a disabled person depending on their disability. In effect it would amount to a whole new game and to be realistic I do not think there would be enough demand to warrant the cost of developing this and game companies do need to make money.

Please only PM me when asked to do so. Questions and answers belong here so everyone can benefit from them.

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Disabilities.... maybe?

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Can players get an Sims 4 EP to create sims with disabilities and service dogs?
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Re: Disabilities.... maybe?

No. But you might have some mods available to do so. Not sure though, I would suggest having a good Googling session.


do not work for EA

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Re: Disability for the sims

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I am sorry that you live this way, and I do understand that you would want disabilities. You can then make a sim that really represents who you are. 


  But having worked in a classroom for 30 years with all types of disabilities I find that most would rather forget their disabilities for at least a little while.  I also as a child had to care for my mom who was wheelchair bound and I do not want to relive that time of my life in my game.  Although I felt needed and very grown up I also felt trapped that I had to be with her when others were able to be out with their friends.  There were no hired caregivers during that time.  My husband now is unable to move due to glioblastoma a terminal brain cancer and I am taking care of him.  I come into the game to get away from the disabilities of the people I love.  I really would rather not have it forced on me in my game.  


Please I do not mean to sound harsh, but what types of disabilities are they going to do?  There are tons of disabilities out there and if they only concentrate on one then we have the discussion about why the others are not included.  Unfortunately there are some disabilities that cause immature people to "bully" others......Don't you think that having it in a game would maybe as you say bring awareness to disabilities but also bring about others being pitied or made fun of? 


Personally for me if they just put a wheelchair in the game and had it an object like a chair or something it could be used in the hospital as transportation of patients, and we could use the ramps for skateboarding or skiing that would hopefully come with other packs.  


While I understand that you want only what is best in the disabilities category I think that EA would be wise to avoid it as it will just bring up many problems rather than bring fun to the game.  How are all disabilities going to be represented?  There are many many disabilities that they will not even touch on.  I have no problem with a wheelchair in the game that functions as a wheelchair should with ramps and things to help with that I have no objections, but to have a disability pack I think would exploit disabilities rather than make others aware of them.  

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