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Re: Started over__this is what I noticed

by Anonymous

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Started over__this is what I noticed

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I started a new game, a new family on Sims Mobile.  I reached level 50 with my current family and am just waiting for one quest after another.  Decided that while I was waiting; why not start over.  Here are some things I noticed ( liked or disliked) and my thoughts on what I am seeing!


1.  People just randomly walk on your grass and in your house.  Stay off the grass please!  Why are you in my house?

2.  In the beginning you get rewarded for everything. Complete llama zoom;  get a cupcake. Complete a chapter, get simcash.  What happened to this? Devil

3. Your first introduction to llama zoom; you complete 1 panel of activities and receive 1 llama.  I ask again why are we NOT receiving 3 llamas; there are 3 panels of activities.

4. Having to buy each color is exhausting. You really notice this when you start over.

5. Do not buy or unlock anything I really do not want.  Yeah!  Storage will not be crowded.  Heard the update will make storage easier to search for items.

6. The surprising choices still get on my nerves. Heard this would change in the update.

7. Only want to attend parties where host ensures that it will reach level 10.  Come on people. When I throw a party, I complete tasks so that it reaches level 10. Work with me people!

8.  The game information forum is a MUST!   Coming here finding out about QUESTS or how to complete events or what you need to get more energy keeps me from wasting time and Simoleons.  Thank you guys!




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Re: Started over__this is what I noticed

@DBrick01 I completely agree with you on many of the points you listed.
3 -->They should increase LlamaZoom rewards...
4 --> I hate this colors things, want this to come back as it was at the start honestly...
6 --> Surprising choice is so irritating, even now after the change...
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