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Some feedbacks

by kano1280

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Some feedbacks

★★ Novice
I have some suggestions.
maybe all impossible, I just post my feedbacks.

-Reduce the strangers number and interval outside the house.
I think it will speed up loading, I really don't need many strangers.

Can I change her appearance ? she's.....
I need another chance for get LZ tickets too.

-To-do list / Rewards
Can you re-enable it as weekly tasks ? finally we must watch ads or pay to get cash, cakes etc.. seems bad.

-Hide the life style title on top screen
I can click icon if I want to view currently rank.

-Lot expansion (clear grass) move to build mode
Accidentally touch 2 times and lost many Simoleons/LZ tickets..
outdoor was full of traps ??

-Add XP requirement indicator on XP Bar (eg. 5/100, for Lv.1~49 players)
-Transparent window/door
-Day/Night scene
-Moveable mailbox

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Re: Some feedbacks

★★★ Newbie
@kano1280 Aye, all of those would make the gameplay better
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