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Skin overlays not showing up on sims in-game

by cisconino

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Skin overlays not showing up on sims in-game

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Hi, I recently tried to download some default skin replacements as well as lip replacements as well. However when I went into my game after downloading, my skin overlays weren't showing up on my sims and everyone in the household had on the default replacement skin. The weirdest part is that when I go into CAS it says the skin overlays are on the sims and I can see that they're on but as soon as I exit CAS and go back into regular gameplay the skin overlays aren't shown on the sims and its just the default skin displayed. I've tried removing all the downloads I downloaded from that day out of the mods folder and reloading the game and the default skin replacement was still showing on my sims, even though the files had been removed from my game. I've tried repairing countless times and still nothing yet. It's been about 3 days now and I still have not come across another person who has experienced a similar issue. If there is anyone who knows a possible fix to this solution so that my skin overlays can show up on my sims in-game again that would be amazing.


Thank you

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Re: Skin overlays not showing up on sims in-game

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@cisconino Did you try deleting the localthumbcache.package file in your Sims 4 folder? Any time you remove a mod from your Mods folder it's a good idea to delete the localthumbcache.package file from your Sims 4 folder to clear your game cache. If you do not delete the localthumbcache.package after removing a mod it is very possible that the mod will still be affecting your game thru your cache.


Do you have more than one default skin replacement mods in your Mods folder? For default replacement skins, you can only use one at a time in your game. I'm not sure what happens if you have more than one in your Mods folder but my guess is that none of them would work properly. You won't see default replacement skins as an overlay in CAS, they will automatically be applied to all Sims in your game. If you want to use more than one CC skin you might wish to try non-default replacements/overlays that you can apply to Sims in CAS. Try to make sure that whatever skin replacement mods you are trying to use have been updated for the latest game patch or are verified to be compatible. I am currently using a default replacement skin in my game and it seems to be working fine and I have some non-default skin overlays that I can apply in CAS and they seem to be working fine as well.


There is one other thing that I will have to double-check to make sure I have it right, but I think when you view your Sims in CAS the game will display them in Ultra settings but when you view them in-game it will display them in whatever graphics settings you have selected in your Game Options. This could cause them to look slightly different in CAS than they do in your game if you are not using Ultra settings in your Game Options.


Good luck, I hope this helps :D Please ask if you have any further questions.

I'm just a regular Sims player, I do not work for EA.

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