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Re: SimsMobile Forum Question

by Phantomlover1717

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SimsMobile Forum Question

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Why are the forums on SimsMobile (I play on an iPhone) different from these boards? Or are they the same and I'm hallucinating?



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Re: SimsMobile Forum Question

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They are similar.  I've found that you get better answers and support here.

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Re: SimsMobile Forum Question

You mean the official Sims forums. Answers HQ was originally solely focussed on helping player back in to their game. 

Gradually over time it became more loose and we now have Game Information boards. It's still very much based on helping players, but it's also open for chit-chat now. 

Where the officials are more based on sharing and chit-chat, also helping but it's not the main subject of that forum.

Last time I checked the officials linked to this site if you're looking for help with getting back in to your game(s). 


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