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I have to say, I absolutely love and adore KawaiiStacie's Education System Overhaul mod which has some of the features you've mentioned.




Preschool: Your toddlers go to preschool and learn toddler skills there, as well as having needs taken care of and gaining character values! (Unlike Day Care in the base game, where they learn nothing--if you want to work on toddler skills while parents are at work you have to hire a nanny.)


Grade school and high school: Your children and teens get real skills from school and homework! Children pretty much gain everything but motor, while teens gain mostly logic and writing with a bit of fitness (PE?) and cooking (home ec?) (Unlike base game, where they learn nothing from school or homework and it eats up their day without any benefit beyond not having them taken away for neglect.)


Homeschooling: OH MY $DEITY do you know the bug where if you go into CAS while kids or teens are at school they sometimes come home early and lose responsibility? (Especially if the parents had a club gathering going when they left, but I've had it happen without.) You can give your kid the "home school only" PC and they can attend online lectures and not miss out on school when the bug brings them home early! (There is no in-game homeschooling.)


The only downside is that KawaiiStacie has taken down all her mods for updates (which Better Exceptions has been complaining they need) and it's not currently available. However, Sims Team, if you wanted to incorporate some similar features.... This mod is once again available!

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Would be nice to have a Daycare pack. The Option to send your toddlers to daycare during school hours but even more exciting have the option to run a daycare of you own. Kinda like when you run a vet clinic or retail where you own another lot and can hire employees. Other sims would drop toddlers off to your daycare center in the morning then pick them up later in the day. Your goal would be to keep the toddlers happy and their need's met with any skill points the toddler may receive would be a bonus to the reputation of your daycare. 

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When all Teens and older leave a lot any toddlers or babies are automatically sent to daycare.

Please only PM me when asked to do so. Questions and answers belong here so everyone can benefit from them.
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@jpkarlsen I think they mean like an active daycare like the active careers from get to work.

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@Xwf0yj665j8g the game already has a vet career if you have the Cats & Dogs EP! 🐶🐱

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