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Re: Sims mobile

by SalixCat

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Sims mobile

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So I’m on stage 6 of the Eco workshop on Sims mobile and I’m still only crafting the  items that I want.  But I was just wondering, if you complete the Eco workshop and get the trophy, will you still be able to continue to craft items?  

I have upgraded quite quickly and have purchased all the upgrade packs but am now wondering if once you get the trophy, will that mean you won’t get anymore items to craft?  


i know EA said that with Eco workshop is meant to be a long term, ongoing project but will getting the trophy and completing it mean you no longer get to craft items?  Has anyone heard anything? Or have I missed loads of stuff by upgrading too quickly? Has anyone actually got the trophy yet and are you still able to craft items?


Also has anyone else crafted an item, then not been able to purchase any extras? It has only happened to me a couple of times but one of the items I really wanted to buy more and it’s just not coming up in my itinerary to let me do that (I’m waiting for a reply from the help centre on this so if I hear anything I will post again!)


Any info would be greatly appreciated!  

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Re: Sims mobile

@rnzesaompl Upgrading will give you all the benefits which are shorter shifts for your Sims at the Eco Workshop, bigger storage for materials, all working stations unlocked and a fully upgraded Workshop.

You will also be able to continue crafting items after you have fully upgraded the Eco Workshop.

What items can't you buy extra? Could you please post images of these items?

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Re: Sims mobile

★ Apprentice

Thanks for the information and all the help you give whenever I post any questions.  I’ve not long started posting things on here and you’ve been really helpful and informative!


I’ve actually got two games going with different ID’s (I missed unlocking a few of the careers and stories when I first started playing the game so I started a new one to try and get the ones I’d missed 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️) and it’s happened with one item on each of the games.  I think I’ve attached the photos correctly, but just in case I haven’t it’s the elegant Kinara - winterfest - on one game and auld Lang shine garland - winterfest - on the other one.


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