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Sims mobile: babies

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Hi I have recently got a baby in the mobile game and I have a couple questions that if anyone could answer I would appreciate!:


1) How do babies age up in sims mobile?

2) After a newborn ages up is it able to use a high chair?

3) When can a child do a family event and how do you them?


Thanks so much!

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For question #1, I would suggest you to watch this video by @rachybop 



#2 There are no high chairs on Sims Mobile. 


#3 Family events:

There is a limit of 3 events in total for babies, toddlers, children or elders per day. Every day a bubble will randomly appear on top of max. 3 your Sims (given they are babies, toddlers, children or elder). You tap the bubble, and the option to have a family event will appear.
Here you can find more information: Learn and grow with Family Events in The Sims Mobile

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