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Sims mobile: No player ID but have friend code

by taylahbuddy

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Sims mobile: No player ID but have friend code

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So I’ve been playing the sims mobile for a long long time, I “was” at level 33.

My dog ate my phone (no kidding), I lost everything and had spent lots of time and money on this game. 
It never came up with a player ID so I’ve lost my account however I have my friend code for the account. I’m just wondering how to contact anyone in regards to finding my old account. 
Any help would be much appreciated! 
Thanks Standard smile 

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Re: Sims mobile: No player ID but have friend code




I'm sorry this has happened to you. 


Do you have screenshots of your loading screen? This is one of the two places where we find our player-ID. You can read here where to find it:


Is your game connected to your EA account, Facebook, Google Play or Apple Store? Your game progress should be saved if you have connected it to any of these accounts. As soon as you get a new phone you will be able to download the app, connect to your account and get your saved game progress. Here you can read how and why we need to save our game progress:


If this is not possible, you can contact an EA advisor by using the form on this link:


Good luck! Hope you can get your game back. Standard smile




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