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Sims changing Clothing at random

by Simsuperman

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Sims changing Clothing at random

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An option to click on dresser or closet that allows your Sim to change themself into whatever they want throughout the game.  This option would allow your sim to randomly change when going to school/or getting out of shower to be random not the outfits that you have set for them.   Imagine your sim waking up and changing for school and the outfit they choose actually looks amazing or if it is something you’re like what are you wearing that is way to goofy we need to change you before you go to school.  I feel this gives more involvement with the game and gives a new gameplay option to simmers.  This probably won’t be read anyways not sure what others think of the idea.

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Re: Sims changing Clothing at random

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I think its a good idea though sometimes it will randomize to really goofy and strange stuff which not all simmers will enjoy i use cc and mods so i wouldnt use this but other than that it is a good idea.



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