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Sims Mobile Version of the Disney Princess Challenge

by Forestsky02

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Sims Mobile Version of the Disney Princess Challenge

★★★★★ Novice

Sims Mobile Version of the Disney Princess Challenge. 


I love Disney, and so that's why I was thrilled when I discovered that Sims had a Disney challenge. However, I don't have the Sims 4 I only have Sims Mobile. So I looked high and low for a Sims Mobile version of the challenge but was sadly unable to find one. And so I created my own. This is largely based on the original Sims Disney challenge with some added twists both for storytelling and because of Sims Mobile.


Is this just an excuse for me to do Disney? Yes, yes it is. (I regret nothing) And if you want an excuse as well, then you can join in. Please note that a lot of imagination is involved in this challenge. For instance, even though pregnancy and dying are not possible in the sims mobile we're going to pretend it is. ie if a sim retires we can say they died (this doesn't apply to all retirements). And for pregnancy just give your sim a baby bump in CAS. 


Author's note about Requirements:

I am a Story nerd and thus I want to make the generations match as closely as I can to the original story just with a modern twist. And seeing as the original sim challenge didn't have nearly enough of the famous Disney villains in it I tweaked many of the requirements to be in keeping with the story. However, I realize that not all people would want to do that. Either they want to follow their own storyline, or they're just here for the challenge. That is perfectly okay. So in keeping with that if the requirement has a star beside it (this thing -> Star ) then it is part of the challenge and therefore must be followed. The rest is added solely for the sake of storytelling and can be followed if you so wish. But in the end, this is your challenge and you can do whatever you want with it. You don't even have to get all the way to generation 13. Just have fun!


P.S. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can make this challenge even better or any questions, then don't hesitate to reach out to me. Wink And if you do choose to do it, then post pictures about your builds or your Disney heroines, heroes and/or villains. I would love to see them.


Generation 1: Snow White



 "I'm wishing for the one I love to find me today"
Founders have humble beginnings, so what's better than Snow White? To start, create Snow White. Storytellers may make her evil stepmother, but this is not a requirement. When Snow White becomes an adult, this story begins.
1. Star Must be female
2. Star Must have seven children (for future reference if I specify the number of children, then know that it's important. If the number of kids is not specified, then you can do whatever you want.)
3. Star Each child must have the same baby daddy
4. Star Snow must max out each child’s good parenting (only Snow is allowed to do this)
5. Star Make the kids playable (one to three at a time depending on how many slots you have open) and have them complete at least level five of a hobby before retiring them (but don’t retire the heir!)
6. Star each child’s first trait must be different (can be whatever, it’s just that no two siblings can have the same first trait).
7. Star Snow can only get married after all the kids have aged up and have mastered level five of their hobby.
8. Star May not have a job. Provide income only through hobby
9. Star Snow must never talk to old ladies
10. Star Choose one of the kids to be the next gen


Generation 2: Cinderella



"A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep"
Ever since your mother was left to raise seven kids all on her own, you have done everything within your power to make things easier for her. Your efforts did not go unnoticed. That’s why when your biological father heard of your achievements he offered that you come to live with him in his mansion with your step family. Thinking it would be a great opportunity your mother allowed it. If only they had known what you were really walking into. Cinderella’s story begins when her biological father dies.
1. Star Must have the foodie trait
2. Star Must cook three meals a day, wash dishes at least once, and daily tend to any plants (if you have a washing machine then have her do laundry as well).
3. Star Must complete the cooking hobby
4. Star Step siblings and step mother must never work and attend/host a party every day.
5. Star Meet the prince at the ball/a party
6. Star step mother must have the evil trait (the stepsisters can as well, but it’s not a requirement)
7. Star Can not marry until step mother dies
8. Star If possible max out the dance hobby
9. Star Have kids


Generation 3: Tiana



"The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work"
Your family has barely accomplished anything over the past two generations, and you're here to change that. This story begins when Tiana becomes a YA.
1. Star Must have ambitious trait
2. Star Father must die during Tiana’s childhood
3. Star Must marry a sim with something green (hair, eyes, skin, etc.)
4. Star Must max out the restaurant career
5. Star There must be a point where both Tiana and the prince are all green due to a curse from shadow man (representing the frog transformation) during that time Tiana and Navine must avoid people
6. Tiana can create and run a restaurant build.
7. Star Tiana has a max of four kids. The first three are the fairies, the last one is Aurora.


Generation 4: Aurora 



"I walked with you once upon a dream"
Due to a dark curse placed over you by an evil fairy (the sister to the late shadow man), your parents have made the hard decision of sending you away to live with your three older siblings. Your sisters are very protective of you and rarely let you out of the house. This story begins before Aurora becomes a YA.
1. Parents throw party for Aurora (can be when Aurora is a child, toddler, or baby. It just has to be before YA). The party results in the curse and Aurora being sent away to live with her siblings.
2. Star May not leave the house lot
3. Star May not have a job
4. Star Have no friends except the fairies
5. Star Complete at least level five of a friendship story with each of the fairies
6. Star Fairies Must complete fashion career
7. Star Meet future spouse at night
8. Star Start romance with future spouse but only continue it at night.
9. Star Can not meet real parents until after romance relationship is maxed out
10. Break the curse and defeat Maleficent.
11. Star Get married and have two girls (Elsa and Anna)


Generation 5: Anna & Elsa



This story has two main protagonists. You can focus on one, and do the other in a later generation or you can do both at the same time. 

Anna- "We only have each other, it's just you and me"
Your sister locked you away and you never knew why. As toddlers, you were the best of friends but now all you have are dreams. When Anna is a child, this story begins.
1. Star Lose all contact with your sister until YA (move Elsa to a different household or whatever. She just can't interact with Anna.)
2. Star Lose both parents at YA
3. Star Host coronation party, meet future lover at party
4. Go after sister who ran away
5. Star Start BFF relationship with sister
6. Star Get married.
7. Star Experience betrayal from lover
8. Star divorce
9. Star Find someone else (but only after your BFF relationship story with your sister is maxed out)
10. Star Have one kid

Elsa- "Yes I'm alone, but I'm alone and free"
Your parents always questioned where your powers came from. You were a quiet type after... the accident. All you wanted was to be alone, unable to harm anyone.
1. Star Must have something different about her (you can do whatever you want with this. But if you're stumped then I recommend making something different about her appearance.)
2. Star Must not see sister until YA
3. Throw coronation party. (It didn’t end well)
4. Must run away after party. Have sister bring her back, then BFF relationship can begin
5. Never marry


Generation 6: Repunzel 



 "You were wrong about the world, and you were wrong about me"
Your parents were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, you. But Mother Gothel, the ex lover of prince Hans, was jealous that her rival should have a child when she could have none. So she took you. But you grew up knowing none of this. All you knew was that Gothel never trusted the outside world and so she hide you from it. Rapunzel’s story begins when she reaches YA.
1. Star Must have artist trait
2. Star Must never leave the house
3. Star Must complete at least level five of three different hobbies
4. Star Must have green friend (Pascal)
5. Star Start art friendship story with Pascal but only continue it when Gothel isn’t around.
6. Star Max out art friendship story
7. Star Meet future spouse when he breaks into your house
8. Blackmail him into taking you to see the lanterns.
9. Star Run away
10. Star Start romance
11. Star May only reunite with real parents until after Gothel dies.
12. Star Marry and have one kid.


Generation 7: Belle



"People think I'm odd, so I know how it feels to be different"
You always loved books and visited the library often. You never cared for looks, just beauty within. Everyone wanted you, but you turned them all down. You wanted to choose your own destiny. When Belle becomes a YA, this story begins.
1. Star Must have the alluring trait
2. Star Must max out the writing hobby
3. Star Go on one date with at least five men (the last one being Gaston)
4. Star Meet future spouse - an ugly sim
5. Star Move into house of future spouse. Work to pay off your father’s debt. (Your father had a criminal career before he met your mother, remember.)
6. Star Be enemies for the first few days but then start romance story ( I know you can't actually be enemies without starting a rival story, but you can still argue with the Beast.)
7. Have enchanted servants (Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth. You can choose whether or not to make one playable. And if you're wondering how to make other sims live in your house without getting into a romantic relationship with them. Here's how I got around that. I'm first going to create Mrs. Potts, and then have her children age up to be the other servants.)
8. You hear that your father is ill so the Beast lets you return home. (This is just before you're finished maxing out your romance with the beast.)
9. While you are gone Gaston tries to get you back, but you refuse. He then goes after the Beast.
10. Defeat Gaston.
11. Star Confess your love for the beast (#max out romance story)
12. Star Marry have a minimum of two kids (you can have more if you wish)
13. Star Your spouse becomes beautiful after first child


Generation 8: Mulan



"Could it be, that if I were truly to be myself, I would break my family's heart"
Your parents always wanted you to marry someone of high status, but you didn't dream of love, you dreamed of glory. So you ran away from home. And in order to protect you (and get back into dad’s good graces) your brother Moshi has decided to come along. When Mulan becomes a YA this story begins
1. Star Must have active trait
2. Star Run away from home
3. Have a Ping identity (you don't want your parents to find you yet)
4. Star Become best friends with Moshi (your sibling)
5. Star If possible must join and max out astronaut career
6. Star If astronaut career is unavailable then get to at least level five of three different careers
7. Star Meet Shang (No romantic interactions until 6 is completed)
8. Reveal true identity
9. Star Start a romance with Shang
10. Star Go back to family
11. Star Marry and have one kid


Generation 9: Jasmine



"A whole new world, a hundred thousand things to see"
Ever since your mother died, your father has become very protective of you and won’t let you leave the house. You hate being rich and living like a princess. And you hate the way your father’s closest friend Jafar looks at you. Your only comfort is your best friend and servant Raja. When Jasmine becomes a teenager this story begins.
1. Star Must have best friend (Raja)
2. Star Cannot leave the house
3. Star Meet poor sim from the street (hopefully with pickpocket trait)
4. Jafar convinces your father that only himself is the right match for you.
5. Star Genie gives poor sim makeover (he can move in after that)
6. Star Go on a whole new world tour with lover #visit every place in the city and complete one level from each building.
7. Aladdin reveals that he is not really a prince. You’re mad at him, but this mostly due to the fact that you know your father will never allow you to marry a peasant.
8. You and Aladdin reveal Jafar’s plot to take over the kingdom.
9. After Jafar is defeated you tell your father that you don’t want the throne and insist that he give the throne to another. Your father sadly agrees and honors your wish. So your father names Raja the heir as a reward for protecting his daughter.
10. Star Once whole new world is complete then you can marry
11. Star Set Genie free (#retire him)
12. Go live in a humble home with Aladdin.
13. Star Have four kids (three boys, one girl)


Generation 10: Merida



(I'll be perfectly honest. This generation is the one I had the most difficulty with. Given the fact that Sims mobile doesn't have anything archery or horse-related. And plus there is the fact that Merida's mom turned into a bear. Seriously...what am I supposed to do? So I took quite a few creative liberties with this story. I decided that the most important thing to keep the same would be Merida's desire to change her fate, and having it backlash. You don't have to follow the same story route I did, just do the requirements and you'll be good.)

"If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?"

You always wondered why your mother gave up her riches for a poor boy. Your adventures lead you into trouble, and you were nearly always grounded. When Merida becomes a teenager this story begins.
1. Star Must have active trait
2. Star Always fight with mom and sneak out at night for parties
3. At one of the parties tell your sorrows to a woman who happens to be a witch in disguise. You tell her that you wish you didn’t have to deal with your mom or siblings. The woman grants your wish.
4. Star Lose mom and siblings
5. Star Run away
6. You try to find the woman, but it’s too late
7. You try to drown your sorrows in partying
8. One such party leads to a passionate night with a young man who you don’t even remember (again you don't have to do this, this part is just my way of explaining how the next generation happened. You could very well instead have Merida get married.)
9. Star You become pregnant and only then do you return home and console with the past and your father.


Generation 11: Ariel



"Someday I'll be part of your world"
Ever since the passing of your grandfather your mother has been hard at work providing for you. Unfortunately, this means that you rarely see her so that’s why your mother’s family friend Sebastian has for the most part been your caretaker. Despite the circumstances you are a bright and optimistic young girl whose thoughts are often stuck in the clouds...or perhaps waves would be a better word. You love the water and spend as much time as you can near it. No one really understands your fascination with the water, except perhaps your best friend Ursula. But now another fascination has ensnared your attention, a boy. Grandson to the late King Raja this boy Eric is a Prince. How could a lowly peasant girl like Ariel ever hope to get with a boy like that. Fortunately, Ursula has concocted a plan so you can get your man. When Ariel becomes a teenager this story begins
1. Star Must have some sort of whimsical trait
2. Star Must own something water-related #hot tub, fish tank, bath tub etc. and interact with it each day.
3. Star Max out rumblings in the deep career story
4. Star Must have two best friends (scuttle and flounder)
5. Run away from home to live with Ursula.
6. Ursula disguises you as a noble so that you can have a chance with the prince. All you have to do is say nothing about where you're really from.
7. Sebastian finds you but can say nothing for fear of what will happen to you if the truth is revealed (or when he has to tell your mother). Sebastian has no choice but to help you keep up the facade.
8. Star Start a romance with the prince.
9. Star The prince must have one similar trait.
10. Star You max out romance.
11. The prince proposes to you, but you hesitate. You want to marry him, but you’ve misled him about who you are.
12. Ursula wants you to go through with it. But you say no, and just when you leave to tell Eric the truth. Ursula traps you in her home.
13. Ursula then disguises herself as you, and then goes and accepts the Prince’s proposal.
14. Sebastian and your friends find you and set you free. You all go to stop the wedding.
15. You confess to the prince. You both stop Ursula
16. The prince is upset that you lied to him. And says he needs time to think about it. But in the end, he realizes that he still wants to marry you.
17. Star You accept.
18. Your mom turns up (Sebastian finally worked up the courage to text her). She reveals that you already have noble blood in you. Oh well.
19. Star Move in with spouse
20. Star Have kids


Generation 12: Pocahontas


"You think I'm an ignorant savage, you've been so many places, I guess it must be so."
Like your mother, you are very much in tune with nature and you interact with it as much as possible. Your grandmother, feeling as though she never spent enough time with her daughter, makes an effort to be close to her grandchild. You’ve always been able to tell her anything. But how are you supposed to explain to anyone that you are in love with the son of your mother’s enemy? (The son of Ursula. Yes, I just wanted to have the opportunity to design what Ursula's son would've looked like. And no, you don't have to do this) When Pocahontas becomes a teenager this story begins.
1. Star Be friends with your Grandmother (representing Grandmother Willow)
2. Star (If possible) Must have the attuned trait
3. Star Interact with nature at least every day ie a potted plant, a tree, a bush, etc.
4. Star Fall in love with a different type of sim (again doesn't have to be Ursula's son. It just has to be a different type of sim.)
5. Star Max out romance with sim
6. The different families find out, and they come to fight about it.
7. Ursula tries to hurt you, but your boyfriend stops her.
8. After that your family decides he’s not so bad (and no one cares what Ursula thinks, but she does calm down when she realizes that you’re the heir to the throne).
9. Star Marry that sim
10. Star Have kids

Generation 13: Moana


"One day I'll know, how far I'll go.”
Like your grandmother Ariel you also feel the pull of the water, it calls to you. Maybe that’s why you’ve always been so close to your grandmother. You grew up as the heir to a legacy, born to rule over others; even the villains respect you as the daughter of one of their own. However, you want to explore and see the world. The story begins when Moana reaches young adult.
1. Star Must have a close relationship with grandmother
2. Star Lose grandmother
3. Find out that Te ka is causing destruction due to a curse accidentally placed on her by Maui.
4. Star Must run away, find Maui
5. Star Max out friendship with Maui
6. Star Max out inner wellness career
7. Star Become guardian of the “heart” (represented by whatever object you want)
8. Star Give “heart” to enemy Te Ka who then becomes Te Fiti.
9. Star Become friends with Te Fiti
10. Star Return home
11. Star Never marry (it’s the end of the challenge, but you can continue it if you wish. If you want to see more generations for other Disney heroes let me know.)


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@Forestsky02This is fantastic! I love this "crazy" idea of yours! In fact, there's a whole thread titled 100 Things To Do in TSM and this idea belongs right there.

I'm not a big Disney fan by any means, but I grew up watching these movies and I have kids so of course I own and "get" to watch them frequently.


If I could, I'd give you bonus XP for the amount of detail you've included.

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Thanks that means a lot. Standard smile


I may create other challenges later on. Because, while Sims mobile may not have as many options as the other Sim games, it still has a lot of creative potential that I fully plan on exploiting.  Standard smileWink

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@Forestsky02 This sounds fun. Thank you!

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