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Re: Sims Legacy Edition and Mac

by Rachelharris31

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Sims Legacy Edition and Mac

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Hello fellow Simers.


I know it has been rough times. But i still want to talk about the fact that I am too poor to play a full supported game that i payed real money for.


Since Mid 2019 the Sims 4 Legacy Edition was released for all Mac and 32-bit users. Sadly since we have NO access to anything anymore. As a owner of a iMac mid 11 and a MacBook mid 12 i am heavily disappointed. You know when your granfather purchases a iMac that costed him over 2000€ and then pass away and you are the one who gets it because no one needs it? No u propably dont know. But that is my experience.


Alot of you are complaining about the fact that our computers are to old. Sorry but not every person is a doctor to afford your children the newest of the computers out there.


since i did purchase the sims 4 back then. Payed alot of money for a new RAM to actually play the sims and then get expension packs. To get hit in the face right after 2 years with „There will be no online access for May players anymore“. Yeah. Maybe not everone is rich, but i can definitely say that apple isn not the cheapest. It is extremely expensive for a normal human being. 

tell me why are you forcing people to buy new computers. Are you aware that you are loosing so much people because u are telling us we are poor.


i have seen people with macbooks form late 18 not even able to play the game. U know thats 2 years ago and they are high quality. Tell me one macbook that was released 2020? Yeah non yet!


Give us our features back. That’s like the only thing we are asking for. Imagine how many players you lost from this „Update“.


EA think twice.

You risked alot

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Re: Sims Legacy Edition and Mac

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To be honest you can't blame this on EA it was apples disision they said from the start Mac's aren't really for gaming apple were the ones that made the change so you can't blame this on EA or maxis I feel sorry for the players that had to go on to the legacy edition but your blaming the wrong people.

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Re: Sims Legacy Edition and Mac

@22070707  A mid-2012 Mac should support Metal, and therefore the current version of Sims 4.  Please post the full specs of your Macs to confirm, but you might not need the Legacy Edition at all.  Here's the relevant information; be sure to include the operating system.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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