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Sims 5 - Speculations & Ideas

by 12becca

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Re: Sims 5? Is there going to be one?

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Considering the fact that they're still releasing content for TS4 I would say no....or not right now. And anyways what's the rush? D:

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Re: Sims 5? Is there going to be one?


@kirpaige13, you got a wise boyfriend!  Cool  

You're welcome! Wink You needn't worry yet since the Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack is coming out in November, and we just voted on a laundry Stuff Pack to come out some time in 2018.  There are also hints that weather or seasons are coming at some point to The Sims 4, but that might not be until the 2018 EP to be released next fall. (Granted these are just hints, but since most people want seasons/weather in their game it would be illogical for them not to give us weather in some form or fashion.  Plus there was a lot of talk of weather in the patch notes of a recent patch.)  So there are just some of the upcoming new features to TS4 that are either defiantly coming or have a good chance of coming!  Party hat

Happy Simming! Heart

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Re: Sims 5? Is there going to be one?

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If they are, I hope they will release some expansions for the Sims 4 first. I'm desperately hoping for Seasons and student life to come to the Sims 4, and more vacation neigbourhoods for the Outdoor expansion.

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Re: Sims 5? Is there going to be one?


@EvaLisahihi, yes, I would love for all of these as well! Heart  I would also love for more supernatural game packs similar to the Vampires GP we got!  They could do one for Werewolves, antoher for Witches, another for Fariies, etc. Wink

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Sims 5 Info

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I've been playing Sims 4 for a while now, anyone know anything about Sims 5????

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Re: Sims 5 Info

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Hi @willv678

As Sims 4 still hasn't got bigger packs like Seasons, University, Travels/Holiday, I think we're going to have to wait a few more years. I reckon they might wanna release like two more expansion packs at least. Maybe we'll hear some news in 2020 Wink

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Re: Sims 5 Info


@willv678, like @CMeki stated, there are several more coveted Expansion Packs that we haven't' had for TS4 yet, so we would probably get those before TS5 would come out, if TS5 ever gets made.  Just keep in mind that we don't actually know what Expansions will be made, even though the ones CMeki listed are pretty popular so I would think they would make at least those, not to mention some other ones we haven't even thought of! Standard smile

 Some SimGurus have stated that the end for TS4 is nowhere in sight and that they were planning on having a longer run for this version of the game than they had for any other version.  So, if you are holding out on TS4 while waiting for TS5 to come out, then you might have a long wait ahead!  ShockedSleepy  And there is no guarantee that TS5 will even be made, although I hope it is! Wink

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Re: Is there going to be a Sims 5

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I agree with everything above but here are a few other things I'd love to see integrated into the Sims 5.

To start off with I love window seats and windowsills which could be used to place and stand decorations on. I would also love to have half staircases which you can use to create landings and divide the upper floor into two halves going either direction. I'd also love careers in finance and banking because although they're dreadfully dull careers I love creating financial/banker type sims. Lastly! Exterior wallpaper trims should be placed manually like in the Sims 3 as they drive me crazy when they aren't where I want them.
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Re: Is there going to be a Sims 5


@anthope, they have new window seats that you can sit on if you got the Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack! Heart  

And I I00% agree that they need to add they types of stairs you mentioned, as well as spiral stairs and curved stairs! There are certain houses that I love, but can't make without all these types of stairs! Devil

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Re: Is there going to be a Sims 5

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YES! Sims 3 is better. I miss the weather changes, college life, generations. Add dine out, different worlds and more jobs with get to work including the hospital in the actual world, especially since people get pregnant, sick and need check ups. It would be fab. I hate to have to buy every single thing. One will suffer and it won't be my wallet, lol

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