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Re: Sims 5 - Speculations & Ideas

by Marinuttonen

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Re: Sims 5 - Speculations & Ideas

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 New to the Sims, mostly because it’s at an awesome discount, which makes me think that the new one is coming out soon. But since this is my first experience with them, I don’t know if they’ve had these great deals before and the game lasted. But getting something this cheap makes me think something is going on. I downloaded it for PC. Just my two cents. 

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Re: Sims 5 - Speculations & Ideas

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I won't be buying TS5 unless pets and seasons are included in the base game. I've paid for those expansion packs four times now, time for something as integral to the world as animals and weather not be treated as extra on a life simulation. This would also mean they could be better integrated into EVERY pack, because they were features available for everyone. Also we could get more interesting packs, because the basic things were taken care of. It would be nothing but good for the company honestly, they could release expansions on other animals and people would still shill money the same way they did for cats and dogs, and including pets & weather in the basegame would be extremely good press for a company that tends to go from scandal to scandal.



That's just my opinion though, and I doubt it will happen. But I won't be paying for the same packs for the fifth time, thank you.

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