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Sims 4 on Mac weird things I've noticed

by Pri_Rani1307

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Sims 4 on Mac weird things I've noticed

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So, i have the sims 4 game on my mac and I just have some questions if this is common with other players and I just noticed now or if this is a bug... but so, I have two households, and when I switch from one to the other, I notice how they're missing things from their inventory. 


I have a witch Sim and she had A LOT of potions and the orb thing with the animals in it--sorry, forgot what they're called... I think it's a familiar, but not 100% sure if that's correct--and when I switched from her to play with my other household, and came back to her, she was missing the orbs and some potions and some plants she acquired as I played with her. Is this a known issue or is it a bug? 


Another thing I noticed, my other household has a kid in college and she moved out and made a boyfriend, when I went to play with her, she and her boyfriend weren't together and it made her have to introduce herself to him all over again. Just curious if others have this issue or if it's a new issue.

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Re: Sims 4 on Mac weird things I've noticed

@Pri_Rani1307 The inventory has a thread here:

There's been one report for lost relationships here: .. did you loose other relationships as well ?

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