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Sims 4 Update and Expansion pack Ideals

by Demonlord5949

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Sims 4 Update and Expansion pack Ideals

★★ Novice


1. Ghost should get there on ability tree like the Vampires and Spellcasters do.

2. If you have control over the Grim Reaper you be able to make them bring the dead back.

3. Plant Sims should have a skill tree like Vampires and Spellcasters.

4. When Sims dive under water you should be able to still control them like in Sims 3.

5. Mermaids should have a skill tree.


                 Expansion Pack Ideals

     Note, this do not have to be the packs name but it just to give a ideal about them.


1. Howling Moon: I think it's time for our favorite wild Sims to make a appears with this expansion pack, the Howling Moon Expansion would bring back the werewolves better than before with there own skill tree, and a new look.

2. Magic In The Forest: It's time for our little magic friends to return, yep Fairy's with there own skill tree and special dimension.

3. Rising Dead: Tired of your sim of the normal supernatural Vampires, spellcaster, ghost, mermaids, your ready for something a bit more........Undead, well then this pack will give you that, so get ready cause you get two undead Sims the Zombie and the Mommy with there skill tree.

4. Super unatural creatures:If you like Supernatural creatures thin your going to love this pack, it would introduce creatures like, the missing link, The Ghost Of Eco Crack, Frankie's Stain Monster, the gargoyles, all of this will be in a new place call Crimson pick

5. Heroes Of Today: This Expansion pack would introduce different powers for Sims with different ways to get them, the powers are, Lightning control,Fire control, Ice control, Flight, Super speed, Teleportation, Mind control, and Adapter.

6. Down Under: If you liked Aqua Man movie and love the Island Living expansion pack your going to love this, this Expansion pack bring a new slot to live....... Atlantis with super secrets waiting for you.


If there are any questions please feel free to contact me and ask weather it's a perfect pack or more details about a perfect thing.


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