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Sims 4 University Build Mode

by ktchthatkatie

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Sims 4 University Build Mode

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I just downloaded Discover University and I was looking forward to renovating the builds, except that it won't open build mode in Brightchester. I can open it in my other worlds, just not in that world. What's the issue? 

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Re: Sims 4 University Build Mode

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@ktchthatkatie  Is your issue with ALL the lots in Brichester or just the ones on the University campuses? 


You should be able to edit any lot in Brichester in build mode.  The only new thing that was added was the new University Housing venue type.  That venue type is used on all the dorms and the two houses that are on the UBrite and Foxbury grounds.  To edit those, they must be unoccupied.  They cannot be edited while sims are living in them or when you are in live mode.


The lots in the center area are residential except for the bar.  All those can be edited any time regardless of if they are occupied or not just like in other worlds.


Also, are you on a PC, Mac, PS4 or Xbox 1 and are you using mods and cc?





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