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Sims 4 Supernaturals - Speculations & Ideas

by mansheirman

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Re: When do we get witches and werewolves for Sims 4?


@Yaminah93, I would also really love Mermaids in the game! Actually, I would like to have as many supernaturals in the game as possible since that means more ways to play the Sims! Party hat  Zombies usually arent' my favorite, but they were hilarious in TS2! Large smile  I thought I wouldn't like them, but I created some really funny stories with them! :eahigh_file: (Granted, they werent' as gross as the Zombies we see in TV and movies! Sick ) I also would love some more toddler hairs, but that is a whole other issue! Heart


@Etherious_Kamiyou asked for a "full magical roster in 1 game! Witches, Vampires, Aliens, and Ghosts."  But we already have Vampires, Aliens & Ghosts in the game so it is a bit late to ask for them all in one pack. Raised eyebrowWondering  (Unless you are asking for this in future versions of the Sims, like if there is going to be a TS5) . Wink   But at least with them giving us Vampires in their own pack, they were able to make them very detailed! Cool  

But nobody knows when or if witches, werewolves, or other supernatural Sims will be released into the game.  While I think it is likely that they will give us at least Witches/Wizards, I don't work for EA, so I don't know for sure.  And those here who do work for EA probably don't know their plans on this (and even if they did, they couldn't tell us about it yet anyway! Wink )

But I'm always up for more supernaturals in my game! Wizard

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Re: Sims 4 Supernaturals - Speculations & Ideas

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Tbh i agree. Since sims 4 vampires came out i have been hoping for a supernatural pack. The point that they split it made me really confused and my parents agree that this is just a money making thing. But the expansions that has been released the past year have not been amazing. So i would love it if they brought out a pack worth buying, because they ask a lot of money, and then i have the game figured out and played in hours, at most a week. So if they could bring out something like the sims 3 expansions but better; more graphics, more gameplay, more places, more adventure, including tasks, making it hard to figure out.
A sims 4 supernatural would be amazing, especially if its like the sims 3 but more advanced
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Sims 4 supernatural

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Sims 4 vampires are amazing but I miss having other options. In sims 3 supernatural you could be a werewolf, good or bad witch, fairy, zombie, ghost etc. Also I would suggest adding mermaids  cause it was really fun in Island Paradise. 

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Re: When do we get witches and werewolves for Sims 4?

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I agree completely. I would love to have more supernaturals in the sims. I would personally want werewolves, and witches in my game. I've never been a fan of the mermaid life state. I don't see the point in mermaids in the games period. I will of course change my opinion if they turn out great. I honestly miss my werewolves, and witches. EA what happened to your motto "challenge everything". Challenge yourselves, and give us both. Also university for my mom
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Re: When do we get witches and werewolves for Sims 4?

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Well it looks like with the announcement they made today at EA Play - mermaids are coming out the month, and magic is coming in a pack in the Fall of this year (they didn't give a release date)

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Sims 4 - Supernatrual Species - Suggested Update

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I think it is about time to get rid of the Vampire pack, and make a pack that has all Vampire, Witch, and Werewolf in the pack combined.   You can make hybrids (Vampire & Werewolf) and Tribrids (Vampire, Wolf, and Witch).  And also, it is also about time to update the Aliens in the "Get to Work" Pack. 

Vampires, Werewolves (lycanthrope), and Witch
Powers and
 Other suggestions.

I honestly believe that the Vampires are fine they way they are and are already programmed.  I only have two suggestions and the first one is Vampire BloodlinesIn order to make a Vampire Bloodline, you have to be Master Vampire+, and have the ability to make others a Vampire.  Anyone normal sim you turn into a Vampire becomes apart of your bloodline.  In this bloodline, the vampires will work as a team to get stuff done, and your vampire sim will be able to unlock special power that no other vampire has.  BUT BEWARE, IF THE OWNER OF THE BLOODLINE DIES, EVERY VAMPIRE SIM IN THE BLOODLINE WILL ALSO DIE.

My Second Suggestion for the Vampire Species in the Sims 4 is to allow child sims that are vampires, to be able to use Vampire powers. The only way to rank up from fledgling to GrandMaster Vampire as a child, is to learn with an adult, and read the Vampire tomes.  But at the age, child sims do have thirst, but, the thirst can be satisfied by drinking both water AND plasma from plasma packs or plasma fruit only.  They cannot go to some random sim's neck and start drinking from it.   



Something that the development team hasn't added yet.  There are 5 wolf stages. Wolf-Cub, Wolf Novice, Wolf, Werewolf, Elder Wolf (Those are suggested ranks). The Wolves also have powers and abilities.  But they will not have the same abilities as Vampires.  If the development team does decide to add this, I will leave them to decided the powers for each rank (lol just to much to type).  Every single night in the Sims, the Werewolves turn into an actual wolf, dog like figure.  The only way to cure this is to form a Wolf Pack, or buy a special ability from the power ability menu that allows them to change WHENEVER you want them too.   To form a wolf pack, you have to be at the rank Werewolf.  When you form it, your rank is permanently changed to Alpha Werewolf


Witches.  They have the abilities to cast spells on supernatruals, and normal sims.  They can make a normal sim into a supernatural magically, they can cause a spell to make a sim stay at a specific age forever, magically.  They can magically age a sim up, they can magically cause curses on people to make them do stuff.  But, there is something called a Coven, and their are 9 particular covens you can join.  You can easily join them by talking to the leader of the coven. When your in this coven, it grants your sim more abilities. 
BUT NOW HOLD ON A SECOND. Witches can't just cast any old kind of spell right from the blue!  They need materials to certain curses and spells.  The Grim Reaper holds some of the ingredients that your Witch needs to cast a spell. You can buy stuff from the Reaper, but however, not everything costs money! Some ingredients that you use, can be purchased by sacrificing a sim you created. Once you sacrifice to the Grim Reaper, their is no spell that can bring him/her back.  However, his/her spirit will still wander around. 

I hope you make witches, werewolves, and add vampire bloodlines, and allow kids to use Vampire abilities.  But now for the Aliens.  Everytime I think about creating an alien, I always think about some aliens that people made outside of the Sims 4.  Like SuperGirl, Superman, Brainiac. But the Sims 4 Aliens can't do any of those cool things. How about, making Aliens so they have more powers than just telepathy. They should be able to fly around, or, be able to think WAY FASTER than any normal sim, Vampire, Werewolf, or even a Witch can.  Well, I believe it's about time to add that good ol` power panel for Aliens, like Vampires, or the fame panel for Get Famous. And Aliens are so powerful, they cannot be controlled by ANY supernatural species whatsoever.  This means that the even the Vampire can't deprive it's needs, or any of the stuff like that.

Please note that Vampires already do exist in the Sims 4. But adding all of the stuff I requested will make real happy.  

Now my question is - Can you please add this to the sims 4.

Thank you,


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Re: Sims 4 - Supernatrual Species - Suggested Update

@L4AT22  I've moved your post to the Sims 4 Game Info section, which is where game-specific feedback and ideas belong.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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