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Re: Sims 4: Future Updates

by AngleFire1991

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Sims 4: Future Updates

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1. Pushchairs and Pacifiers for babies/toddlers 

2. Get to School; Following your children to school and interactions with teachers eg. Getting out of a detention, extra school clubs 

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Re: Sims 4: Future Updates


@Connortd0802, I think it would be unlikely to have a school pack where we follow kids to school because they would just sit in class most of the day and either listen to the teacher or  occasionally ask questions.  They had a feature like that in The Sims 3's University Life EP where you attended a lecture with your Sim and it was very boring. ConfusedSleepy So boring that they left it out of TS4's Discover University! Large smile  Plus, a lot of people don't like school in real-life so the last thing they would want to do go class in the game. While I loved school, many people find class boring!Frown

But I do think they might add more after-school clubs and activities to the game , like how they added Scouting in the Seasons EP and Drama Club in the Get Famous EP! Party hat


And I would love to have strollers and pacifiers for toddlers in the game, and for babies if they ever make babies not act like an object.   Most people have asked for this.  I would also love to see baby swings or toddler swings! Heart

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Re: Sims 4: Future Updates

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I agreed with you and I am tired of EA not giving us what we ask for. The babies are so unreal and all look the same !
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Re: Sims 4: Future Updates

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I agree I am very disappointed in the babies non- interaction with the family members. Ea needs to Update them !!

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