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Sims 4 Bundle Pricing Issue

by theheech

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Sims 4 Bundle Pricing Issue

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Tried for 2 days to get help in the live chat- I guess hoping someone from EA will see and respond here. When you are creating a bundle for TS4 it displays a bundle price of $43.98 (before tax). Once you click to check out the price changes to $49.98 (before tax). Not like $6 is a huge difference but why is this happening? And which is the real price? Pictures of each are attached. 

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Re: Sims 4 Bundle Pricing Issue

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Hi @theheech ,


The Sims 4 packs were on sale a few days ago, and it looks like your browser cache still 'remembers' those sale prices. That's why you are seeing a lower price in the first page but when you get to the purchase review page, which is loading for the first time, it shows current price. Please, clear your browser's cache - that should make your browser reload the full page. You can also use an incognito window.


Unfortunately, the sale ended some days ago so current price is the one you see during the purchase review page.


Hope this helps, at least understand what is going on.


Happy Simming,


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