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Re: Sim can't climb ladder on platform indoors

by IngeJones

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Sim can't climb ladder on platform indoors

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I built the lowest possible size platform to have a ladder attach to it. Added a ladder. Sims cannot route up ladder no matter how high the walls are. Even with the walls at the highest setting they can't do it. I also tried removing the ceiling. If I put the sim on the platform they can walk around and do stuff but they won't go up or down. If I build the same platform outside they have no issues going up and down the ladder. Removing custom content. Did not help. Below is a video showing it.

nt didn't help

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Re: Sim can't climb ladder on platform indoors

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@Dannakyri Unfortunately I could not see your room very well via the avi file in your post - it was too tiny on my screen. From what I could see, though, it seemed like the platform was rather high instead of the lowest platform. But that is likely because the video was only about an inch wide on my screen.


I would like to try initially:

  • I know you said removing CC didn't help. Please do the following if there is any part that you didn't do initially to eliminate the possibility of your Mods/CC being involved (click 'spoiler' tag):
    Move your Mods folder from your "The Sims 4" folder [Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4] to your desktop (save it for reference) and delete the localthumbcache.package file in your “The Sims 4” folder. Then check in a new game save to see if this issue is still occurring. If the issue is gone, please re-add the Mods/CC one at a time until you find the one causing the issue. If you have a lot of Mods/CC you can use the 50/50 method.
  • Can you please share screenshots of the issue?
  • I would like to test this home in my game. Would you be willing to upload the lot to the gallery and share here the exact name of the lot (call it something like 'ladder problem test')? I would also need your 'User ID' there if it's different from here. Then let me know here that you have shared the lot to the gallery and I can download it and test in my game.

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Re: Sim can't climb ladder on platform indoors

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@Dannakyri Are you talking about the top of the ladder or the bottom of the ladder on a platform? Or both?
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