Share Your Newest The Sims 4 Creations Here!

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Share Your Newest The Sims 4 Creations Here!

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I thought I would add this spot to The Sims 4 Lots and Sims 4 related items! We have one kinda like this set up for The Sims 3 That SimGuruHydra set up for us! It is simply a place to showcase your newest TS4 creations!! So please share in this thread all your newest creations for The Sims 4!! I thought it would make it easy for everyone to see what everyone is creating in The Sims 4!! Please don't forget to add your Hash-Tags Or Origin ID, & Download Links, so people can find you and your builds/creations in the Gallery!!

Please Feel Free to Share your TS4 Rooms, & Sims also!!! We would love to see all of your wonderful creations!!



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Re: Share Your Newest The Sims 4 Creations Here!

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What a fun idea, I love seeing all the beautiful creations from this community Standard smile 


I'll kick this thread off with my current work in progress, although this build still has a long way to go.

Would you show us what you've been working on as well? I'd love to see!





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Re: Share Your Newest The Sims 4 Creations Here!

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@aleenakhan94 and @EA_Solaire , I can't truely show y'all my newest Sims without showing you all of their outfits.  The problem is that I usually make at least 3 outfits for Everyday, Sleep, Hot Weather, and Cold Weather, per Sim!  And really active Sims I usually have a few Athletic outfits , and party Sims I usually have a few Party outfits, and, well, you get the point! 🤣

So that is a lot of pictures ... do y'all really want all those pictures? Wondering

I recently have done the Frog scenario and the PlantSim scenario.  I'm now working on the BFF scenario.  And I also made a Sim just to test something, and then added some outfits recently. 

@EA_Solaire that is a nice build!!!😍  I'm lousy at building! 😅
@aleenakhan94 , I love how friendly this thread and idea is! 🥰

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Rif.: Share Your Newest The Sims 4 Creations Here!

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I love creating Sim from fandoms I like. These characters below are from 2 webcomics I'm reading, Novæ and Castle Swimmer.


Sulvain and Raziol




Kappa and Siren



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Rif.: Share Your Newest The Sims 4 Creations Here!


@GiardiniDiMarzo , while I'm not familiar with those fandoms, it is obvious you put a lot of work into your Sims, especially Kappa and Siren! 😃

I take it Siren is named after the Greek Sirens and Kappa is named after the Japanese Kappas in the mythologies of those countries?

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Rif.: Share Your Newest The Sims 4 Creations Here!


Well, here are a few of my recent Sims in my favorite outfit for each

Here is the Sim, Eloise Tobias, from the Frog scenario. (I normally am not a fan of orange clothing, but it looked good with her hair, and I wanted to use a hair I hadn't used in a while.)
05-27-22_2-44-30 AM.png

05-27-22_2-44-44 AM.png


Here is my Sim, Kailee Flowers from the PlantSim scenario.  I was going to pick another last name, but Flowers just seemed too perfect for a Plant Sim! 
05-27-22_3-10-22 AM.png

05-27-22_3-10-16 AM.png

And I love her formal outfit... This is my favorite thing from the My Wedding Stories GP! 
05-27-22_3-11-00 AM.png


Here are the Sims I'm using in the BFF scenario. The mom is Cayla Sheridan:
05-27-22_1-56-46 AM.png


Close-up of her in another outfit:

05-27-22_1-57-14 AM.png


And her daughter (the one who is the subject of the scenario), Blair Sheridan
05-27-22_1-59-07 AM.png


Blair's close-up in another outfit:
05-27-22_1-59-27 AM.png


I do not use CC.  I tend to play a lot of families, but with either experimenting with new packs, testing for things to answer a question on AHQ, and with some of the new Scenarios, I do have a lot of single Sims or families of just 2, depending on what I'm testing or what challenge I'm doing. 😉
For example, as soon as I check out the outfit for the new Moonlight Chic kit, I will make a couple of Sims using mostly clothing and hair from that kit. I will post them as soon as I make them! 😄


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Rif.: Share Your Newest The Sims 4 Creations Here!

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@PugLove888 They are two very different webcomics, Novæ is the story of an aspiring astronomer and a necromancer, while Castle Swimmer takes place solely at the bottom of the sea, Siren is a shark merman, and Kappa is a koi carp merman. The author I think never specified exactly the origin of their names, but it could be as you say.
Your original sims are also beautiful, my favorite is Kailee!
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Re: Share Your Newest The Sims 4 Creations Here!

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Hello @aleenakhan94 !  Cool idea! <3

These aren't my "newest" creations.  I've had them for a while.  However, I did some recent updates for my newest save.

The Woodlock Family; left to right - Mathias, Magnus (Dad), Aurelia (Mom), and Laurelei.  They're a family of elves and I thought it might be interesting to draw a parallel to the struggle of people who are "different" just trying to fit in and have successful lives.

The Woodlock Family.png


This is their home at Tail's End in Brindleton Bay. 

Tail's End.png


My gallery name is the same as my username here on AHQ. :-)  Thanks for starting this thread!  I hope you and others share ideas and creations here.

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Rif.: Share Your Newest The Sims 4 Creations Here!


@GiardiniDiMarzo interesting!  Yep! Those do sound like 2 very different web comics! 😄
I first knew of Kappas in Japanese mythology through the Animal Crossing series.  There is a character that looks like a turtle to westerners, but the clue to his identity is his name, which is Kapp'n.  I later saw a video on the history of these mythological creatures, and while in some older stories it seemed that Kappas were more of a foe, it seems that in some more recent stories they were more benevolent, at least according to the video I saw. Other sites only mention their pranks and bad behavior.  But in Animal Crossing Kapp'n is a friend! 

And while my Greek mythology is rusty, I do remember reading about them in the Odyssey!  They are bird-like creatures that sound like women singing and lure sailors with their voices, usually to their doom! Odysseus was able to avoid going to their island because he was warned about them, and took some precautions! 

Thank you! 🥰 Yes, Kailee was so beautiful that I had to give her one of my favorite hairstyles!  She even made a cute PlantSim, but not half as pretty as a human! 😅 Now that I have finished the PlantSim challenge, I want her to start a family while painting for a career. I had her garden and paint outside a lot to get sunshine, and when she wasn't doing that she was swimming so she wouldn't wilt!  😅 

@JonaO703 I love how the mom and daughter have names that sound similar without starting with the same letter! 🥰  I love both shirts that father and son are wearing, along with mom's hairstyle.  I think that one came in a free update some years ago , and I always thought it was a really cute hairstyle (But then again I love curly hair!). 
Nice home too! 😍

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Rif.: Share Your Newest The Sims 4 Creations Here!

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Wow, look at all these beautiful Sims! I'm way too impatient for CAS, but you all have done such a wonderful job Heart


@GiardiniDiMarzo Your mermen are fantastic, I love the amount of detail you've gone into on both of them! Sulvain and Raziol look like a super fun pair- but I'm a sucker for anyone in a floral print shirt  😉


@PugLove888 The color coordination you've done with your Sims is just amazing- and Kailee's formal outfit is gorgeous, well done! 


@JonaO703 I'm obsessed with that turquoise hair, it's definitely making me want to run out and buy some hair dye for myself. That traditional style home you've built for them as well is perfect, great job! 


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