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[SUGGESTIONS] Off-the-Grid lot trait

by Zylria

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[SUGGESTIONS] Off-the-Grid lot trait

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Gameplay issues:

  1. Sims are no longer autonomously using the functional stove or fridge when on an off-the-grid lot, even to get leftovers. They will autonomously use the grills.
  2. Sims still get bills. Not sure what changed BUT when I added a house I got bills. I added the fridge and fish tank at the same time.
    1. Every item on the lot says parts don't function off the grid OR are not hooked to plumbing or electricity


Working items that maybe shouldn’t be:

  1. Digital Art Tablet (Digitalistic Sketchpad)
  2. Wabbit Tablet
  3. Kiddie pools (Wading with the Fishes & Summertime Palms)
    1. This is not an item I mind working but it doesn't make sense if the tub, sink and laundry tub do not function. Where did this water come from?
  4. Keyboard (DigiRAD Keyboard)
  5. Tablet (The Slablet)
  6. Dishwashers
  7. Refrigerators
    1. Maybe the old fashion one (IceBOX Vintage Refrigerator)
    2. If you keep these working add “Functional off the grid”
  8. Fireplaces
    1. Maybe a couple could work that are wood burning but not all of them especially the gas ones
    2. If you keep these working add “Functional off the grid”
  9. NanoCan Touchless Trash Can
    1. If you keep this working add “Functional off the grid”
  10. Auto Feeder (Petmate Programmatic Pet Feeder)
    1. If you keep this working add “Functional off the grid”
  11. Electric Cat box (Litter-Laser: Self-Cleaning Litter Box & Litter-Matic Scoop Free)
    1. If you keep this working add “Functional off the grid”
  12. Robot Vacuums (Robot Vacuum and High-End Robot Vacuum
  13. Not all of the grills should work.
    1. Where did we get the gas?!
    2. If you keep these working add “Functional off the grid”
  14. Hot tubs
  15. Fountains
  16. Pools
  17. Cameras
  18. Large Fish Tanks
    1. They still bubble even though they shouldn't be working
  19. String lights
    1. All of the ones with the Holiday update
    2. Garland Express & Festive Ceiling Garland & Framed Garland
  20. Peak Performance wall decoration from Bowling Night

Items that DON’T work that should:

  1. Laundry Tub (Ole Timmy’s Wash Tub)
  2. At least 1 bathtub
    1. 100% the woodworking crafted tub (Cask & Barrel Antique Tub)
  3. At least 1 base game sink for the kitchen.
    1. The only kitchen sink working right now is with Laundry Day
  4. The oil lamp
  5. A couple of base game hanging lights need to work like the Casa Morgan Mission-Style Lantern Chandelier
  6. Vampire Sink (Gothic Pedestal Sink)
    1. All other bathroom options with Vampires work
  7. The DIY Sink (Laundry Day)
  8. Weathered Lantern (Jungle Adventure)
  9. Tea pot
    1. This is questionable for me but maybe should work
  10. Old Fashion Music Player

Concepts that need to be addressed:

  1. If some electronics are kept working there needs to be a way to get all electronics to work like the earbuds
  2. Please add “Functional off the grid” to all of the candles that work
  3. All of the toilet, sink and shower options outside of Sulani give negative moodlets.
    1. Living off the grid should make you happy in some ways not just tense
  4. All of the radios are just disabled instead of having the message when you hover the options you want to select and it telling you that it isn’t functional off the grid.
  5. The functional stove (The YumCooker & Auld Crow Wood-Burning Cookstove) when selecting the option to cook it says “Cook with Gas”.
    1. This doesn’t make any sense because it isn’t consistent. If I can cook with gas then I can use a gas generator and hot water heater
      1. If I can use those then everything should work
      2. If I am using gas why do I not have bills!
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Re: [NEEDS INPUT/A] Island Living: "Functional while off the grid" ite

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I also have this issue. On top of it, children and pets do not have the option to use off-the-grid showers. 
Children not being able to use them: bug occurs occasionally, not every time.
Bathing pets (dogs) in OFG shower/tub - bug occurs all the time

P.S (I know this isn't part of the main issue, but it's related to Off The Grid):

-It's also weird that sims are always pulling out their phones on "Off The Grid" lots as well, how are they charging them? haha, I wish my phone had that kind of battery power! They should have the option to turn this off as there's no internet, so the phone is useless anyways. I understand having it as a menu, but I don't want to see the animation as it just makes all the other interactions my sims do slower, and sometimes it cancels my set interactions out. 

-Why do some items not work off the grid? Like the Dart Board....most electronic dart boards run on battery power, they don't get plugged into outlets. I'm not sure who worked on the Off-grid items, but I think they should reconsider adding some more items, and consider how the items actually might function, or just edit some to make "off-grid" versions. I'd really love an "OTG stuff pack. Just a thought. =)

- WHY IS THE WASH TUB NOT USABLE OFF THE GRID! And by not useable, I mean, I can't replace the water in the tub, so all my clothes just remain filthy (means I CAN'T do laundry, which is kind of contradictory to the purpose of the wash tub/clothesline. It's supposed to be "green" isn't it?) - real islanders use their waterfalls for freshwater- perhaps there could be a way to collect fresh water for these lots so you have a supply. Maybe use the well? Since that's the entire purpose of a well (i really loved the prop well with Get Famous, make use of it!). You could add a "collect fresh water" interaction or "refill washtub". Even easier would be "boil water", which a sim could do on a grill or the new beach bbq, so they could collect ocean water or river water and use it for clothes washing or even drinking. Little bits of realism like this add a lot to the game.  


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Re: Off-the-Grid lot trait issues

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@Zylria Thanks for the thread.

Moved it to Game info as feedback.

I'll forward this.


EDIT: @rluhn I merged your post in here as I feel it's a lot feedback in your post too.


There are a few threads in the bug forum for off-the-grid so feel free to click me too



Happy Gaming


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Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT/A] Island Living: "Functional while off the grid" ite


@rluhn, there is a way to bathe toddlers and pets in a tub -- instead of clicking on the tub (which being off the grid won't let you do) you can have the parent click on the toddler or pet and choose to bathe them from that menu! Standard smile For pets it is under something like the pet care menu, and it is under a similar menu for toddlers , something like "take care of needs".  A friend tried it with a toddler yesterday, and I tested it with a dog yesterday. Wink

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Wood-burning stove - only 2 recipes available?

★★★ Newbie


I've just purchased Island Paradise and am enjoying it so far. I have a Sim living on the lot which is "off the grid". Therefore, I purchased the wood-burning stove for her to cook on. However, despite raising her cooking level to 3 using books, she only has two recipes available under the "Cook with gas" option (grilled cheese and eggs and toast). What is going on here?

Thanks in advance.

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Rambunctious Scamp aspiration cannot be completed on off-grid lots

★★★★★ Novice

Product: The Sims 4
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
What is your current game version number?
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? Everything except Island living, Pets, Pets stuff and Laundry day
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? 1. Have a family with at least one child in it 2. Add "Off-Grid" trait on your lot 3. Try to complete the Mental aspiration without moving to a lot that is not off-grid
What happens when the bug occurs? The child cannot complete the Mental (Whiz-Kid) aspiration without going to a lot that is not off-grid
What do you expect to see? I expect to have at least one buy-mode item that allows children to practice typing and that works off-Grid. Before computers we had typewriters, so it is definitely possible, this guy Leniad even created a mod for allowing to use a typewriter for writing and typing. If you include a interactable typewriter in the game, please enable Writing and typing actions on it (enables writer, comedian, whiz kid aspiration actions)
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? Not now. I've removed them.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Yes
Please describe the patch or change you made. The latest patch on 18th June 2019 introduced the "Off-grid" trait for your lot.

I understand that there's lots more broken things after the latest patch, but I feel this needs attention, because it just doesn't make sense that a child cannot fully develop their Motor skills without having access to electricity, whereas they can easily do that with their Creative, Social and Mental aspirations.

Living off-grid in real life actually means that you will move around a lot, create your own stuff and a child's motor skills would be the first ones to develop.


To keep things sensible, you could add a functional typewriter item which would work off-grid and enable typing, writing books and writing jokes. (Optionally also purchase seeds and books, because in real like you can purchase some things via mail-order). There's actually a CC item by Leniad that does just that (and I will look for a way to mod it to enable off-grid, but I wish that all players in this game would be able to raise their simulated children off-grid without mods)


Easier-to-implement option would be to just enable one of the computers off-grid, but it feels like a cheat...


Please fix this Angel


I am filing it as a bug, because it feels very much like a bug and I cannot find a "File gameplay issue" category.


Have a nice day Coffee cup

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Re: Wood-burning stove - only 2 recipes available?

★★★★ Guide
@Kururu14 It is just bugs in the game code they should have really included a generator for electricity. If they Have I haven't seen it.
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Re: Rambunctious Scamp aspiration cannot be completed on off-grid lots

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@virtuosummer Perhaps the kid(s) could time travel to a standard library for a day? :D
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Re: Wood-burning stove - only 2 recipes available?

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@Sid1701d9 wrote:
@Kururu14It is just bugs in the game code they should have really included a generator for electricity. If they Have I haven't seen it.

Thanks very much! I feel like off the grid cooking is completely broken... just noticed that when I try to get Cereal out of the fridge it says a microwave is required!

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Off The Grid Items

★★★★★ Apprentice

Hi friends! 


I’m really excited about the new Off the Grid lot trait, but have come across a lot of items that should work, but don’t. 


It would be great to make a list of items that should be functional off the grid, but aren’t yet. That way, hopefully they’ll be updated/patched in sooner than later (:


Items(+ catalogue category):

- Scented Citronella (Table Lamps: Backyard Stuff)

- Weathered Lantern (Table Lamps: Jungle Adventure)

- IANTern (Table Lamps: Backyard Stuff)

- No Fear Night Lantern (Floor Lamps: Outdoor Retreat)

- Moonlight Lantern (Floor Lamps: Outdoor Retreat)

- Origami Tree Luminaries (Floor Lamps: Outdoor Retreat)

- Barnyard Lamp (Wall Lights: Cats & Dogs)

- Coolala, The Defender Wall Light *this one isn’t really a request, but it would be great to have a working nightlight to keep monsters away while still being off the grid

- The Tinkerer’s Wall Light (Wall Lights: Seasons)

- Rustic Candle Chandelier (Ceiling Lamps: Jungle Adventure) 

- 3 Senses Oil Lamp (Misc. Lighting)

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