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Re: STS reruns / i am bored 💓

by thecakeisaLIE82

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STS reruns / i am bored 💓

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Hello! 😊


I am noticing now during this Transylvania STS rerun, how boring it is when you allready got the STS finished !


I know we have Wumple but i ghought it could be nice if you could add new quests for all during the reruns?


A quest for some days with a special prize?

 Or just let us also join the reruns and earn tickets, gems or gold?

Please give us something 🙃


That would bring me out of getting stuck in boredom now


Ty for listening 😂💓

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Re: STS reruns / i am bored 💓

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@jayivy666 Same here.. I’m bored 😐
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Re: STS reruns / i am bored 💓

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I finished this last year so it’s not available to me, are you sure you finished? Are you getting repeats of items? 🤔

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Re: STS reruns / i am bored 💓

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I am focusing on the Eco workshop. But yes, it's boring.

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Re: STS reruns / i am bored 💓

I think maybe we need to be a bit more patient. It seems like they are coming out with new Treasure Hunt events fairly regularly, so that's new content for you. And in between those they're rerunning old STS--and they polled us on which one we wanted and this is apparently what won--in order to help new players get that exclusive stuff.


I hope that they're using this time to work on bug fixes or some of the other suggestions/requests we asked for. Like pets, or reworking the party system, etc.


In the meantime, I know I've been using this time to work my sims to the bone to make lots of simoleons and doing Llamazooms for the workshop. Those Treasure Hunts sure do use up a lot of money if you want to earn the grand prizes. And since I never bothered finishing the Halloween STS last time, I've been farming it for money and fashion gems. 


Good luck to you, I hope you stick through the boring times and don't give up. 

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Re: STS reruns / i am bored 💓

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@thecakeisaLIE82Yes i know but it was really boring for me during the Transylvania are doing the same things the whole time because there is nothing new within this time.
Off course i am also glad that we will have reruns.
So i hopefully will get the washer next time( last time i did not finish it) and the new players have the chance to get the cool stuff also.i like this. They also should have the cool stuff. We are one community!

But it really was sooooo boring that i did not log in for like one week. Only checked the crafting list if there was something new for me.

I also farm gold and tickets, but to be honest i just buy boostpacks or good offers if they are worth it.

I only farm a lot of gold if i really want this lol...or if i have to because it takes long and gold is the most expensive in the shop. Hm normally i do not much care about this. And when there is nothing new i often make breaks for several days with the game.

For to finish the ECO i only need 900 tokens now but i was lazy....not in a rush 😂😂😂

Greetings and ty for your feedback all 😊💓

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