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Return to Sims4, Tutorial Still "Broke"

by Seleos13

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Return to Sims4, Tutorial Still "Broke"

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So, I took a break from Sims 4 and decided today to go back and play some more. I had several issues before, but I mainly left just because I was burnt out and wanted a break. I decided to give the tutorial a try, because I remember it being somewhat fun, and I actually managed to "win" it once before. Once amongst multiple tries. I also wanted to see if the issues had been fixed during my break. It baffles me to think the devs would let the tutorial be so riddled with issues. What of first time players? Their initial experience would be horrible.


And, of course, still issues. Worse than before - 

Why can I not advance the game to the fastest time when my Sim is at work? I cannot yet control Alex, so what's the point of making me sit and watch the time tick as I wait for my Sim to return?


I am told by the game to work on my daily career task, which is to discuss outfits or fashion, yet that option of conversation on other sims is disabled by the tutorial ...


I noticed that the sides of double beds seem to be able to be assigned, which I thought was neat, so now two could share a double bed ... yet, Alex chose to go sleep in my Sims bed, and now the 'Sleep' option on -both- beds is grayed out and says 'disabled by tutorial'. Does this mean my Sim cannot sleep? And yep. Now, my Sim is cranky, tired, but cannot go sleep in either bed. 


At this point, I am giving up on the tutorial. Rather disappointing that things seem to be worse now instead of having these glitches smoothed out. I hope the actual game is improved.


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Re: Return to Sims4, Tutorial Still "Broke"


Your feedback makes several valid points.
Having played thru for testing purposes I consider myself a sort of tutorial expert.
It is designed to introduce new players to the game and teach them the basics of how to play.
Options are locked to keep it simple and present options gradually.
The hardest thing for me and other experienced players is waiting and watching.
I was able to use the second speed but no faster while my Sim was at work. Really do not have an answer for that one.
The sleep option does unlock when the game allows and hopefully your Sim has not passed out before then.
Just tested the Trendsetter and Athletic aspirations and yes the game is very picky at what is allowed and when.
What I ended up doing was "sitting on my hands" and only controlling my Sim to grab a plate, make coffee or other actions required.
Frustrating .... yes and hopefully at some point they will look at it again.
I did save the tutorial hose to the gallery both furnished and as a shell so I can reuse it as a footprint for future homes.

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