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Re: Weird text on loading screens

by crinrict

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Re: Weird text on loading screens

@dr0pdeadappleb0y It is.

Merged your post with the main thread on this.

It's basically a joke on the free earbuds annoyance.

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Re: Weird text on loading screens


@dr0pdeadappleb0y, this is by design. Standard smile The SimGurus mentioned in the Livestream that they put this in the June 3rd  patch.  These weird messages are supposed to be funny. Wink  The earbuds is a joke because the same patch that put these funny messages on the loading screens also removed the phone call that you would get if you had the Fitness Stuff Pack that would ask you if you wanted free earbuds.  You then had a choice of saying yes, or saying "No, I don't want free earbuds".  

I don't know about the "Wreck everything up" message... either it is different in English, or I just haven't noticed it yet. Wondering

As for the "OK" message, this is funny just because it is so unexpected.  I laughed so hard when I first read "OK" , that I startled my dog! Large smile

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Re: Weird text on loading screens

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@dr0pdeadappleb0y The Gurus say it was done by design, not a bug.

The loading screens are meant to be funny. The new ones came with the recent update (which is why you're seeing them now.)
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Loading screen message that says "OK"

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When loading an existing game in SIMS 4, I get one of the message screens and all it says is "OK". What does this mean? This message repeatedly came up when playing the game yesterday. I am unable to get that screen again today so far. In some cultures this is a sign of racism and oppression. Yes, I am being picky about it because I drop a lot of money on SIMS games every year. I am not going to do so with hidden racist messages. Please remove this page.


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Re: Loading screen message that says "OK"

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@blazinpig  I've merged your post with the master thread discussing the loading screen messages.  This is a joke about the free earbuds; the OK message goes along with the "I don't want free earbuds" message you might also see on a loading screen.


As you can see from the accepted solution on page one, this is by design and is an attempt at humor, not an attempt to invoke oppression or inequality.


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Re: Weird text on loading screens


@dr0pdeadappleb0y, I think I just got the message (finally!) that you had which in your language was "Wreck everything up".  In English it reads "Trash up the place", which can refer to wrecking a place up, but in this case refers to the extensive amounts of trash that Eco Lifestyle brings to the game! Large smile

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