[Read first] Helpful and fun posts!

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[Read first] Helpful and fun posts!

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Wondering how The Sims Mobile works or looking for some good tips and tricks? Well we've got you covered!
Feeling more of social craving? Then have a peek a this list of threads you don't want to miss out on! 

Looking for some more information on how the forum works or do you have questions about the forum check out this post: 


Don't lose your game progress

Write down your Player ID or take a screenshot of it.

- Make sure your app is being back-upped to the App store, Twitter, Facebook or EA account.

These options might have turned off randomly or with an update, make sure to check it every now and again. 


Mobile devices

What Android device are you running the game on? (by Phantomlover1717)

An incomplete list of Android devices that can run the game.


Compatibility on Android devices (by EA_Mai)

Running in to issues while installing. Here you can find some info and tips you can try.


In game - live mode

- Be social and grow relationships in The Sims Mobile (by EA_Mai)

- Celebrate with Parties (EA Help)

The Sims Mobile Lifestyle Rating (by EA_Mai)
Aging and retirement in The Sims Mobile (by EA_Mai)

- Become the best in your Hobby (EA help)

Climb the Career ladder (EA help)

- How to use Izzy’s Fashion Shop (EA help)

How to Maximize Weekly Gem Rewards (by 01Reinier)

- Clearing land (by Phantomlover1717 & Salixcat)

Party Rewards (by HatsuneLotus)

- How to maximize energy replenishment from home items (by SalixCat)

Floor decorations – Outdoor rugs (by Salixcat)

Party Icons Explained in Closer Detail (by simmerdownMAL)

- Prices of lots in Briny Heights (by Phantomlover1717)


In game - build mode

- Customize and add on to your house (EA help)

- A handy printable to help you design your house on paper (by Phantomlover1717)

- About the item limit error (by Phantomlover1717)

The prices of rooms & shapes (by Phantomlover1717 & SalixCat)

Overview of all the lots in Briny Heights (by Phantomlover1717)


In game - other

- How does AHQ work? (by EA_Mai)

- How to report a player (by EA_Mai)

- Banned and suspended accounts (EA help)

How to save your game progress (by EA_Mai)

- How to find your player ID (by EA_Lanna)


In game - events

Baby Quest walkthrough (by Phantomlover1717)

Wedding Quest walkthrough (by Phantomlover1717)

- Roommate Race walkthrough (by Phantomlover1717)

- Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ (By SimGuruMaaike) 

- Dance Instructor career walkthrough (by Phantomlover1717)

- Dance Instructor career advanced walkthrough (by Phantomlover1717)

- Internet Icon hobby walkthrough (by Phantomlover1717)

- Internet Icon hobby advanced walkthrough (by Phantomlover1717)

- Photography career walkthrough (by Phantomlover1717)

- Rooted in Style / Stylist career walkthrough (by Phantomlover1717 & SalixCat)

- Space Explorer career walkthrough (by Phantomlover1717)

- Space Explorer career advanced walkthrough (by Phantomlover1717)

- Mystery is a Foot / Surgeon career walkthrough (by Phantomlover1717)

- Top Secret Mission career walkthrough (by Phantomlover1717)
- Top Secret Mission career advanced walkthrough (by Phantomlover1717)


Having a question? Either use the search bar to find the answer or open your own thread


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Threads you don't want to miss out on!

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Our The Sims Mobile - Game Information board is becoming a massive board. These are the posts you don't want to miss out on.

Some of our fine selections of posts are:


Join us

- Introduce yourself!

Who are you? What level are you at? Let us know


- Wanted Friends - Friend codes sharing thread!

Join our games! Add us as your friend. 


Week party board/schedule

Join us at our amazing in game parties. Or invite us to yours!


Show us

To show us your pictures in the post, please use this button to add them instead of adding them as an attachment.

Family portrait - How does yours look right now?

Show us your family portrait!


Favourite pictures 

Show us your amazing screenshots.

Share your town building decor 

Show us the amazing designs you've made for the town buildings.

Sims Mobile Fashion House 

Show us the outfits on your Sims.

Weekly Party board Fashion Highlights 

Did your Sims look fabulous on that last party, show us!

Party Photos & Chatter 

Show us the pictures you took at the lastest parties.

The Sims Mobile: share your house blueprints 

Show us your awesome house designs!

- In need of a handy printable to first draw your house, we have it!


Plan with us

Remodeling: Goals, Before & After

Having plans to redecorate? Want to share your before & after? This is the place to be!


Play with us

- A 100 things to do in The Sims Mobile
Looking for a little challenge? This is where you find them.


Trade with us

Sim trading thread - Find a partner for your Sims 

Looking for a new Sim to add to your family, or do you have a Sim that needs a home, come trade!


Chat with us

- The Sims Mobile - Introduce yourself!

Tell us more about yourself.


The Sims Mobile - general discussion (off-topic)

Off topic chatting!


Or if you have some awesome Ideas/Suggestions for The Sims Mobile share them!





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