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Re: Random quirks in the Sims game

by Hiroko-sama

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Random quirks in the Sims game

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I've recently noticed that my Sims, both adults and male and female, would make a scared noise when getting out of the bathtubs and showers. Doesn't matter which ones either. My female Sim would actually scream and "rush" out. My male Sim would gasp and "jump" back. Doesn't matter the mood or anything else happening on the lot either. It's a mixed bag of hilarity and mild annoyance. What other quirks have you noticed?

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Re: Random quirks in the Sims game

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Adults will shower while a toddler is in the bathroom, and I thought yeah, that's completely normal but then I played in a house with only bathtubs and found out that my adult sims will not bathe with a toddler in the room =_= As an european this offends me, getting naked with your family is a tradition & done for fun here (It's not sexual, it's called being naturalist hippies) so having an adult go like "Nooo I cannot be naked in front of this 2 yo" is so annoying to me Tongue out

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Re: Random quirks in the Sims game

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@Marinuttonen Yeah. I remember reading about some traditions that allow that. Here in America, we only allow same genders in the room which only applies to public places (locker rooms) and family. I've been weirded out when my brother's (and at one time my grandad) walked in on me (and I them) a couple of times. But that's more of surprise than actual care.
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Re: Random quirks in the Sims game

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I have quite a few. These may or may not be quirks though maybe more of annoyances.


1. When Sims are chatting they will play musical chairs with one another. It's like they can't sit in the same place for the same chat.


2. Sims won't sit and read any type of book without getting distracted and they want to go and do something else. This gets annoying when you want them to stay still and read up on a skill.


3. The toddlers have to wake up sleeping Sims when they are bored or if they have a nightmare.


4. If there is a Sim in a bedroom, another Sim will take their plate of food across the entire house just to sit on the bed with them and eat.


5. Sims complain when their surroundings are filthy or if something is broken. Just grab a mop or pick up your dirty dishes already. 


I have several more but you get the idea.

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Re: Random quirks in the Sims game

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Yeah. I agree on those annoyances. If I have full free will on and I tell them to go do something, they'll either stand around like "durrrrr, what?" and go do something else. It's not a matter of lag or inability to go do it. Just that it's the AI telling me to go f-myself. *facepalm*

Oh and the other day I had 2 Sims engaged. Both had Family Oriented but my female Sim had the Jealous trait. Guess who goes around flirting with other Sims about 2 days before the actual wedding? Yep. My female. Then she has the "nerve" of acting jealous when there's another female in the room with my male. *facepalm*

I honestly can't tell if they're smart or moronic (the AI). *shrug*
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