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Raise The Roof Update

by EA_Lanna

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Raise The Roof Update

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Update your game, Simmers! There’s a big build mode feature coming your way for The Sims Mobile. Did we say big? We meant huge.





Sul sul Simmers,


Since the day our game released, you’ve asked - so we’ve delivered the most requested feature of The Sims Mobile – Multilevel Build Mode! This new addition is a staple feature of The Sims franchise since the original game released in 2000 and represents a trademark of a Sims experience. Now you can raise the roof and add up to three floors and design some incredible layouts to your favourite houses in Briny Heights - even without it being structurally sound! To celebrate this milestone, our latest update is packed to the rafters with more exciting events that we know you're going to love.  


Multilevel Build Mode


Are you ready to add staircases, up to three floors and even more rooms to your Sims homes? We can’t wait for you to experience the new build mode feature, which is permanent to the base game. When you’re ready to commence building in your favourite Sims’ home, head to the new multilevel options in Build Buy mode. Second level build access unlocks at Level 14 and third level build access unlocks at Level 25, however, you can early unlock them using SimCash from Level 4!

You’ll see new categories for Stairs and Support Beams to create the mansion of your dreams. Sunny Stone from Sim Surveying (a non-playable Sim) will arrive to let you know that there is a countdown timer to unlock the new feature and place a little conveyancing sign on your lot. When the timer completes, you’ll receive a Certificate of Approval and are then free to start your renovations! 

Learn all the nuts and bolts of the multilevel build mode feature, by reading our in-depth FAQ Page here!


‘Uptown Industrial’ Sweet Treat Showdown


Patty Cakes is back in the Kitchen with the ‘Uptown Industrial’ Sweet Treat Showdown event from 11th May. Head to Market Square to compete against a rival chef and bake patisserie treats.

Be rewarded with exciting mystery boxes featuring rare items along the way as you work towards unlocking epic Grand Prizes. This time, enjoy the rewards to complete your new multistory build and turn into a New York-style loft with metal and wood décor:

Grand Prizes:

  • Modern Floating Staircase 
  • Island Counter
  • Male Hair – thick and medium length

Royal Treat Box Rewards:

  • Industrial Wall Shelf
  • Dining Table
  • Dining Chair
  • Flannel Shirt with Rolled Sleeves for adult male Sims

Sweet Treat Box Rewards:

  • Stove
  • Industrial Pendant Light 
  • Radiator Heater 
  • Wall Hanging Kitchen Utensils
  • Kitchen Utensils in Upright Container
  • Paper Towel Roll
  • Simple Floating Shelf

And much more!

For more information on the Sweet Treat Showdown events, check out the FAQ Page.


‘Edgewater Quay’ Premium House Lot


To showcase the new multilevel build mode feature, we’ve built a new premium house lot and placed it right on the edge of the water!

Designed by local architect Valentina, Edgewater Quay comes fully furnished ready for your Sims to move right in! The breathtaking home features a luscious backyard garden that overlooks the oceanside, which should not be missed during a sunset!

The floorplan and multilevel design maximizes the potential of the new Build Mode tools and showcases just how creative you can be with adding stairs to your Sims home. Simmers that may not be a ‘builder’ type player will love the convenience of a prebuilt home, so you can start storytelling and adding your favourite décor.


‘Super Throwdown League’ Event Rerun


Enjoy the rerun of the ‘Super Throwdown League’ event! From June 1st, earn enough ‘Participation Ribbons’ to unlock all the sporty items in the 7-day time limit. Use that competitive spirit to create a fun hang out space of your own! Deck it out with a dart board, relaxed outfits, a sausage costume and the ‘Great Barback Juice-off' grand prize.

Play The Sims Mobile and change your Sims' lives forever with the new build tools at your disposal and so much more. We’re so excited to see what you create and what stories you’ll tell. Follow the SimGurus on Twitter and show us your builds using the hashtag #TheSimsMobile. 



Notable Bug Fixes


  • Low assets can now be placed in front of curtains with some clipping
  • Can now place Hottubs on outdoor walkway tiles
  • Fixed visual issue on Trio Paned Door
  • Fixed placement issues with Golden Lotus Chandelier and Goth Enough For Ya? Chandelier
  • Fixed some pairing issues with Reliable Cowboy Boots
  • Gothic Cuff Bracelet now shows up on Red Carpet Radiance Gown
  • Fixed seams on ASOS Pattern Jumper
  • Female and Male version of Mohawk Updo now have correct hairband colors.
  • Fixed error when wearing hats with Color Block Mohawk
  • Fixed texture issues with Hold Your Holsteins top
  • Grand Gate can now be placed on outdoor walkway tiles.
  • Moschino Work-It Boots works properly with the Right As Rain Raincoat
  • Fixed seams on Cool-Weather Classic Vest
  • Bright 'n Breezy Laundry Basket no longer clips with certain shelves and rugs.
  • Fixed graphical issues on Cardi Diem Bowtie Combo
  • High Boots now work properly with Leisurely Leather Ensemble
  • Jasmine Hedge no longer clips with walls
  • Sims feet no longer vanish when "Reliable Cowboy Boots" is worn with "Chef's Choice Uniform"
  • Dearest Loveseat no longer clip into Sims legs
  • Fixed clipping issues with Big Beautiful Bun and a few hats
  • Fixed minor clipping issues with Snow-B-Gone Shorts
  • Fixed minor clipping issues with Ready to Rock Climbing Pants
  • Fixed texture issue on Knife Block
  • Braclets now work with Elevenses Sundress
  • Fixed graphical issue with So Sneaky Sneakers
  • Punch of Punk Choker no longer clips with certain assets
  • Above Gold Standard Dress now has an appropriatly different vairant colour
  • Fixed minor graphical issue with Little Monster Tee
  • Fixed minor hair clipping with ASOS Wool Beret in Red
  • Fixed small seam on Sweatheart Spa
  • All candels should now have flames
  • Cleaned up Rebel Yell Hawk Cut haircut

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