Please add Ukrainian language

by Olga68sb

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Please add Ukrainian language

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My name is Olha and I’m from Ukraine💙💛 I play Sims 4 for 10 years. I have 60% purchased additions to Sims 4 on my PS4. I would like to ask you if is it possible to add Ukrainian language to Sims 4?

Because I am not fluent in English and it is inadmissible to play now with language of you know who.

Thank you🎮

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Re: Please add Ukrainian language

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Hi @Olga68sb,

It looks like currently Ukrainian isn't an available language option, but thank you for the feedback, I'll be sure to send this over to the team 😊


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Re: Please add Ukrainian language

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Because I'm learning a foreign language that isn't a language that the Sims supports, I would love to see that language, too. I went out to modthesims to see if there was any kind of fan-made translation pack, but no. My understanding is that localization/language packs aren't cheap or easy because a lot of concepts don't really "translate" well, and I imagine that's the case with the Sims (especially considering the funny flavor text), but... alas.  Frown

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Re: Please add Ukrainian language

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@Olga68sb I completely agree. I don't play Sims very often, but I often have language problems. it would be good to have the Ukrainian language in the game
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Re: Please add Ukrainian language

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I have been a Sims player for more than 10 years, and all this time I have to play it in Russian, because EA decided that the Ukrainian language is not important!
In Ukraine, it is even impossible to buy a version of the game in which you could change the language to at least English. This means that EA forces us to play our favorite game in the language of the country that has attacked Ukraine and killed Ukrainians.
Please add Ukrainian localization!

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Custom pronouns language problem

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Hi, we are ,Ukrainian simmers.  We're so glad that you started adding some custom pronouns to the game. However, not all language groups in the Sims community will have access to this feature, even in the future, because since release of The Sims 4 there was no new localisations. For example, there is no Ukrainian language for Ukrainian-speaking simmers. Here in Ukraine live more than 40 million people. So we have a question: are you planning to add some new localisations in The Sims 4 in the near future?

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Re: Please add Ukrainian language

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@Olga68sb i completely agree. all ukrainian simmers have this problem. we buy game and dls for overprise but we do not get one important thing. its our ukrainian language.
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Rif.: Custom pronouns language problem

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@leylajuise Hello, I'm Elijah. I'm from Ukraine. Please make a Ukrainian localization.
I really want to play in the language of my country: Ukrainian. It is not convenient for me to play in English or any other language, but rather in the language of the occupiers and aggressors who are organizing the genocide of the Ukrainian people.
I hope you will make Ukrainian localization. Glory to Ukraine !!!
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Re: Please add Ukrainian language

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I join the question.
I do not speak English for a comfortable game, in Russian, as the language of murderers, I do not even go to play. If it is difficult to allocate the time and command of the localizers, please add the ability to connect your translations to the game at the level of official modifications. The Ukrainian Community is able to translate independently. Give the official opportunity to integrate into the game.

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Re: Please add Ukrainian language

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Long time Sims player here. Bought a lot of The Sims 4 packs, almost all really, except for Wedding pack and some kits.

It's really frustrating we can't play in our native language. But what even more frustrating is that if you play from Origin you are forced to choose from just three languages - Polish, Szeck & Russian. You can't even play in English!

More than that, we are still forced to pay for Origin games with russian rubles. We can't even pay with our own currency, or the developer's currency or even European currency! That's just extremely offensive for us, now more than ever.

As a long time simmer I'm asking EA to deal with these issues. I can't stress enough how important this is for us, Ukrainians, especially now. We deserve better.

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