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One-way doors

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I was building a big discotheque last week and noticed the game doesn't have any fire exit doors, so I was wondering what the feasibility was of getting those in the game for added functionality/immersion.


Such doors would include, but not limited to: fire exits, emergency escape doors, ladders, hatches etc.


They'd all share the same aspect in that sims can use them, but only in one specific direction.


Now, I'm told I could just place doors and flip them around while locking them might achieve this, but that functionality wouldn't apply to public venues, nor would they look like emergency exits. There's a DLC that adds emergency exit symbol, why not go all the way and put substance to these signs?


Thank you in advance



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Re: One-way doors


@Manosuit I frequently 'change the direction' of the door to alter the side the handle is on,, or the look of how it opens in use, but I'm not aware of any difference this makes in function for the Sims (though, if memory serves, I think I tested the male/female bathroom doors once and that in certain setups that affected them, but I don't remember.)


Personally, I rather appreciate the flexibility of the doors currently, and I expect that many current builds in the gallery would be negatively affected by changing doors to one-way use. There would be many upset players as well, I expect.


However, if what you're saying is that you would like to add a new door &/or sign that affects a door to change it's function to one-way as in an emergency exit or similar function, that would be interesting. I have had cases where the function I wanted from a door would fall nicely into a one-way function for non-residents/non-employees, etc. Interesting idea...

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Re: One-way doors

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@SheriGR The last paragraph is precisely what I mean. I don't know whether making a new door or implementing a function to 'stick' a sign to doors to make them one-way would be easier. I'm not suggesting to alter existing doors' functionality, and as far as I know, I can't lock doors on lots my sims don't own.
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Re: One-way doors

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@SheriGRand @Manosuit  I couldn't agree more. Such a functionality would be very nice indeed. For instance in the science lab or the EP 'StrangerVille' 😂. But as far as I know in the EP 'At Work' the jail doors only open from one direction. The downside is that these jail doors are sliding doors and I have no experience from the inside whatsoever. Wink

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