Offerwall FAQ

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Offerwall FAQ

EA Community Manager

Sul Sul, 


Want more SimCash for your Sims? 

Try ‘Offerwall’! 


Q] What is Offerwall? 


Offerwall is a platform which lists numerous offers and gives out SimCash as rewards. Offerwall and its offers are controlled by a third party called Tapjoy. 


Q] How to earn SimCash from Offerwall? 


All our Simmers have Offerwall available in The Sims Mobile game. Our players can win SimCash by following the below steps:


  1. Browse through the available offers on Offerwall, 
  2. Select the offer(s) that the player would like to claim
  3. Complete the task listed in the offer (may include interacting with other websites or applications)
  4. Return to the game to claim the SimCash reward.


Q] Where to find Offerwall in the game? 


Offerwall is available for all our players in the Shop. 


Step 1: On opening the app, click the Store Icon:



Step 2: Head to the Sim Cash Section and click on the “Earn SimCash” button.



Alternatively, players can also access Offerwall through the below Pop-up!



Q] Is it safe to use Offerwall? Does Offerwall access my data?


Offerwall lists tasks to complete and collects a player’s data when a player chooses to complete/start a task. If a player chooses to access Offerwall and commences a task


Here, are details of the data collected:


In case a player does not want Offerwall to access this information, they can choose not to engage with any of the offers. 


If a player has already engaged with Offerwall but does not want to access or share their data anymore, they have the right to 


Q] Is it safe to use Offerwall since it interacts with other applications and websites?


Our player's safety and security are always a priority for us! To ensure Simmer safety, 

- All offers on Offerwall are reviewed by Tapjoy before going live.

- All Apps and Websites sharing offers have agreed to  Tapjoy's (strict) terms of service and data processing agreement


- EA has extensively vetted the terms and conditions to ensure player safety.  


Q] What if I need help? Since Offerwall is a third-party program that interacts with other applications and websites, how can I get help?


In case our players need help with offers, they can follow the below steps. 


Case 1: Issue with Rewards


This is the only process we recommend as Offerwall’s team will be best equipped to help.


Case 2: Issue with Offers


In accordance with EA’s policies, strict content filters are set to ensure no inappropriate offers slip through. However, in the circumstance that it does happen, please report it to The Sims Mobile’s SimGurus on Twitter with screenshots to ensure necessary action. 


- Team The Sims Mobile


In case of any additional questions, please respond to the AHQ thread. 


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Re: Offerwall FAQ

The real question I have, @EA_Sanah, is when will the Offerwall in-game pop-up stop, uh, popping up? I'm really not interested in this feature of the game, and it's getting annoying that I keep having to dismiss the offer. Thanks!
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Re: Offerwall FAQ

@thecakeisaLIE82 Maybe we can suggest to have a button to turn that off somewhere?

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Re: Offerwall FAQ

@SalixCat That would be awesome. We know where to look if we change our mind, but I don't like the pop-up being forced on me.
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