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Re: Not happy with this new pack issues

by EuphorialQueen

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Not happy with this new pack issues

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I had my reservations about the ecolife pack just because I was not sure if I was going to like the theme. I downloaded and liked it for the first week. After that there have been so many issues with this game after I downloaded the pack. The sharing is caring NAP should not exist, or at least sim players could have gotten a heads up. Now when you hover over a computer or attempt to click on anything the game completely freezes. At this point with all the lagging and items disappearing the game has not been able to be played or enjoyable at this point. Every game has its bug and flaws which is no problem its just been kind of a bummer. 

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Re: Not happy with this new pack issues


Player feedback is very important and whether you are new to The Sims or are a veteran player there are going to be some things not everyone likes. I think I can safely say a large number of players were taken by surprise by some of the new features added with Eco Lifestyle.
The overall theme and gameplay is an interesting concept and I like the ideas added to the game.
There are a few things that could stand a bit of an adjustment like the sharing is caring NAP for one example.
I am sure the team is listening and will do some tuning to keep the concept without the more dire undesirable consequences, 

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