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Re: No romance option for teen sim suddenly

by PoptartJuniper

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No romance option for teen sim suddenly

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I logged onto the sims today and one of my teen sims in my main family is maximum friendship and romance with her boyfriend Sim yet suddenly has no option for romance with him, or any sim. The romance button simply isnt there. When i click on objects there also isnt a romance option for them either. Any help? Playing on legacy edition due to my older computer and I have no mods. The boyfriend hasnt moved into the household and i checked relationships and they're still soul mates. I'm really stuck and i've searched for answers elsewhere but nothing is coming up.

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Re: No romance option for teen sim suddenly

@wil_ash7 Did the boyfriend age up? Teens can only be romantic with Teens. If the boyfriend is now a YA there will be no romance options until the teen ages up to YA.

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