Re: New Sims 4 Screens physically hurts my eyes

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New Sims 4 Screens physically hurts my eyes

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The blue is far too intense and hurts my eyeballs. Is there a way to change it back to white? I have to actually look away between loading screens because of the intensity. Everything else looks great though.

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Re: New Sims 4 Screens physically hurts my eyes

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Help is on the way for those sensitive to the new color scheme.

SimGuruFrost - Community Manager verified on Twitter today the team is working on adjusting the color scheme.

Changes will be available in the August patch.

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Re: New Sims 4 Screens physically hurts my eyes

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Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us @kayiron13.


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Re: New Sims 4 Screens physically hurts my eyes

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It is not as bad as I thought it would be from the previews, but it is also too bright for me to stare at.

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Re: New Sims 4 Screens physically hurts my eyes

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The enitre game is quite vomit inducing.

Night time hues of purple/blue, green/yellow hue in the mornings and orange/blue/red in afternoon all combined with BLINDING either oversaturated or washed out, far too dark colours. 

Lemme think...that's an Orange its blue its orange/red....nope maybe its green...wait.... wait.....well shizz its actually apparently WHITE.  Goodness where an "S" when you need one?

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Re: New Sims 4 Screens physically hurts my eyes

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i agree it's very difficult to tell what color things are when the lighting isn't possible to change while building. the loading screen is my biggest issue though considering i have to sit through it between moving my sim, turning on the game, etc.

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Re: New Sims 4 Screens physically hurts my eyes

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you're welcome please let us switch it back before i go blind

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Migraines from redesign

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Hi. I understand that The Sims team can't please everyone all of the time. But the new redesign, including the loading screen and even the plumbob icon on my desktop icon, has induced migraines, headaches, painful eyes, dizziness and nausea. I suffer from migraines and this is the first time a game has ever triggered migraines. I think the new design has had a serious impact on many people's physical health. I don't think it's about liking or not liking the redesign, it's about it causing very real physical pain and health consequences. I have had to hide the desktop link in a new folder just so I can keep using my pc, and I am now unable to play TS4. 


I think a lot of people are experiencing very real, physical symptoms from your redesign, and I think it really needs addressing. Please reconsider the tones used, have an option to use the old version, or change the design completely to enable all of us loyal buyers of The Sims games to be able to play the game that we love again. 

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Re: New Sims 4 Screens physically hurts my eyes

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It's actually far worse than I expected. The intense, oversaturated blue of the main menus actually makes me feel crosseyed and slightly dizzy . And no game has EVER done that to me before.  The loading screen is ok, for me at least (for one thing you don't have to look at it).   Scratch that, now Ive been playing for a bit ,the loading screens efvery time I change lots are wierding me out as much as the main menu.


Please either tone down the blues down or give us a night mode option, which I suspect many, not just people negatively affected by that blue would find handy.

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Sims 4 Screens Causing Serious Migraines

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Hi! I've been playing sims 4 since it released and have always been fine;


BUT with the new update that changes the starting and loading screens; looking at either gives me very painful migraines. I've tried twice now in game itself, and several times just seeing it through screenshots. All with the same effect.


I'm not sure what to do; as currently I can't play the game at all.

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Re: Sims 4 Screens Causing Serious Migraines

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@tatertotshot i'm having a very similar issue. if i look at it for too long my eyes start to hurt. im sure if i stared at it too long it'll get worse. im surprised that this made it all the way to the update without someone catching it. hope they make some kind of change soon, whether it's to completely redo the loading screen or revert it back to the original. something has got to give or a lot of people will just stop playing.
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