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Re: The Sims4 Pack

by PugLove888

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New Sims 4 Game Pack Ideas - Werewolves/Shifters

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I wanted to Make a werewolves game pack suggestions. 


But Unlike Sims 3 where it was more like wolf-men, I would like it to have all three variations of Werewolves. 


1. Wolf-men (like sims 3)


2. Lycans 


3. Werewolves (Shifter like) 



Another Game Pack idea could be shifters/Nekos 


Where you could have any animal and shift into it. or even just be able to have ears and tails of that animal that move and react with emotions 

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Re: New Sims 4 Game Pack Ideas - Werewolves/Shifters


@GingerUsagi, as a fan of supernatural Sims, I would like your ideas! Cool I don't know if EA would be able to do all of them, but it cant hurt to suggest it. Angel  Hopefully they will release more supernatural Sim types in upcoming Game Packs! Fingers crossed

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Re: New Sims 4 Game Pack Ideas - Werewolves/Shifters

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@PugLove888 It wouldn’t have to be all three I would just like the actual werewolves like the shifting kind. And I think it could be very possible especially when they have cats and dogs and “transformation” abilities in game already. I can see the lycans being the hardest one to do
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Re: New Sims 4 Game Pack Ideas - Werewolves/Shifters


@GingerUsagi, hopefully if/when they make a Werewolf pack, they will make the type you want! Standard smile  I would think the shifting kind would be the easiest for the reasons you gave.  Wink  

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Can we please, please, please, please, please, and please get werewolves in sims 4. Sims 2 and 3 both have them...

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Re: Werewolves

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Gave you XP! Dog

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The Sims4 Pack

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Hello, my name is Katie and i was wondering if we could have a werewolf game pack! You have made Vampires, Aliens, Mermaids, and Wizards. I know this may be a long shot but i was just wondering of that might be something you game develipers could possibly look into? (maybe name the world Moonlight Drive??) thank you! 

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Re: The Sims4 Pack


@katiemleve109 , I love the name of Moonlight Drive (or something similar) for Werewolves! ! 

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Re: New Sims 4 Game Pack Ideas - Werewolves/Shifters

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And give it the same treatment as the vampires. Where you gain points to rise to the top as you gain skills. . .or something like that that would work for Werewolves/shifters. Nerd

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More Supernatural pleaseeee

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About Supernatural Beings, will it come more? I know we have a few, but the werewolves are especially lacking. with the sims 4, we still have a lot to explore, so I always wonder, we already have easter eggs in the game that refer to werewolves and fairies, when did they turn to us? have been with us since the sims 2, why not 4? and why not them, more beings? it would all be incredible ...

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