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NPC makeover resetting?

by MsBellaMorte

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NPC makeover resetting?

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Does anyone know why after going through my entire town of NPCs to make them over how I want them to appear (mostly Marvel and Harry Potter characters lol), spending my hard earned money and tickets, they change themselves to another hair color or clothing color??

It's very frustrating to spend time and money turning an NPC into Draco Malfoy, then the next day that same NPC suddenly has black hair! What the hell, EA? I spent money on that silvery white hair and you change it to black? Not cool, man. 


Really hoping there is an explanation, or better yet, a fix for this.

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Re: NPC makeover resetting?

@MsBellaMorte that is strange, do you only see a change with the hair? Do you have screenshots maybe?

This sounds like a bug. Could you open a new post in the bug forum for this?

You can find the bug forum over here:


The bug forum has a small list with questions which might just help to solve the problem! 


do not work for EA

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Re: NPC makeover resetting?

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I'm not sure if it is only hair color now that I read the gothic blouse was updated to have different colors. Maybe that was the explanation for clothing changing, but still no explanation for hair color changing on its own.


I submitted the bug report, hopefully someone will figure this out. In the meantime, I'm keeping an eye out to see if more than hair color is changing on it's own. 

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Re: NPC makeover resetting?

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@MsBellaMorte it is possible that you changed an NPC that was an adult and it turned into an elder and that turn the hair color differently?
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Re: NPC makeover resetting?

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Is that a thing that happens??

I don't see any hunch backs on them, but I will be keeping an eye out for that now. I wasn't aware that NPCs could age on their own. The hair color changing is always within a day after I've made them over, not a long while or anything. It has been the next time I have seen the character after spending money or tickets on them. 

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