My thought on the Goth refresh.

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Re: Sorry. The new Bella Goth concept looks terrible. Here's some notes.

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@Dallux I'm a little dense but I barely understand what you're trying to say with this reply. If you're trying to complain about my quote, "... except even bronzer gives people a warmer look than that." I can explain it differently for you. All I was trying to say is the skintone was so bad, that it looks like she was applying too much bronzer. That being said, even too much bronzer usually looks warmer and more natural than whatever tone they put in that concept art. Even if it isn't exactly like using too much bronzer, it's close enough to use as a similie comparison to explain and back up your issue with the tone.

Now, speaking of a quote that just confuses, "Why does mild whitewashing criticism have to expand into..." The starting sentence in your argument doesn't make any sense considering I didn't have any whitewashing critiscm towards Bella Goth. My issue was more with people making that claim and then course-correcting ignorantly. I'm just saying that the skintone shown in that horrible concept art didn't look right at all given any iteration of Bella Goth. As someone with a light-medium skin tone and family with darker medium skin, I always felt the critiques towards Bella Goth's designs were exaggerated and always saw fair-skinned people making designs that were over-corrected to such an extreme that they always made Sims like her and the Calientes look like they were in blackface or like they were putting on too much bronzer. The design shown in the concept art just confirmed the actual designers were seemingly going to make the same mistake. Thank God they didn't and we got a good new design in the end. Super glad with the final result.

With all due respect, I feel like you went into this post antagonistic or something. I was never angry when making my original post, just scared and worried about the concept art. "Honestly, I've had it with the uptight fans of The Sims. Guys, relax! I think your brains are in need of blood circulation." I will still never understand how people will start acting all upset and angry to the point of bringing up dumb complaints about things getting "overly politicized" followed by them immediately telling someone else to relax. Also, that last brain thing makes no sense considering when people are mad they have more blood circulation in their brain. You know how people talk about popping a blood vessel when they get angry or how you can see veins popping out on the heads of some angry people? I'm pretty sure lack of blood circulation in your head just leads to brain damage which might as well be the case for me right now trying to fully decipher the logic and argument of your reply lmao. (Please don't take it personally, I'm just making a joke in good fun.)

Hopefully tackling the semantics in this reply helped you out... around 6 months later when I remembered about this post, lol. Putting the word 'gaming' in bold was incredibly hilarious so I'll give your whole take and general attitude a pass, lmao. Now if you wanna see me being 'uptight' or whatever you should hear me mald about how terrible The Sims 4 is in terms of core gameplay. Artstyle and designs are the one thing I could actually say TS4 does really good and I'm happy the redesign didn't disappoint.
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Re: First overhaul of Sims is disaster and here's why:


@PatrickClSim3Low , if that is the case, then fair enough! 😎  However, there is the chance that while the

 developers have more resources, it could also be the case that their bosses tell them how to allocate those resources, which could explain why certain aspects of the game get more attention than the others, even if it is something that the players or even the developers would like to give more attention to. 

As for family trees, the Sims 4 family trees have always been glitchy, and not as comprehensive as the ones in TS2 and TS3. This might be why they didn't redo the Goth family tree, but if that is the case then they should have never mentioned that they were going to go more detail into the Goth's lore (unless all that lore was confined to the town of Willow Creek) . As a fan of lore and sprawling family trees in TS2 and TS3, I do agree that this was a misstep, unless that is to come a little bit later. 🤷‍♀️🤞

@TeoTeoTe0 I agree with you.  I like the final result of the remake much better than the concept art, and I also don't understand why they had to do concept art in the first place, when they could just give us a "rough draft" in CAS. Wondering

My only guess is that maybe they felt that if they gave us a preliminary look in CAS that players might have thought those designs were set in stone and might even have started looking for the revamped family either in the game or on the gallery back when the redo was first announced! 😅

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Dear EA, Sometimes Less is More

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In my opinion, Goths update brought to us too many changes. As I see, comunity have expected just a small improvements in premade sims apperance and more changes in personalities, relations, likes and dislikes ect. For my our new Goths no longer look like Goths. It's very upsetting especially that we know that EA have used a lot of resources to that. To proff you that sometimes less is more, I have changed orginal Bella only by the sliders and nothing more. I've just made her skin darker, and makeup less intensive.


Bella - minimal.png

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Re: My thought on the Goth refresh.

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I don't mind them wanting to update the skin tones and all to better match previous games, but the rest of the overhaul leaves much to be desired. I told a friend it looks like they've been interbreeding with the Charms and Vlad. Poor Alexander has always had problems at age up, but this one is just ridiculously cruel.

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Re: My thought on the Goth refresh.

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@Slytherclaw72 Inbreeding LOL totally agree! I think Mortie looks like a former Mobster.... I do not feel this refresh
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Re: Dear EA, Sometimes Less is More

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This looks very much like how I have her in my personal starter save. I just gave them hot and cold weather outfits and darkened their skin tone.

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Re: My thought on the Goth refresh.

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Since modifying pre-mades is a common Simmer hobby, I don't understand why they aren't just highlighting player remakes. They could specify: Must be Base Game only. 

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Re: My thought on the Goth refresh.

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@DizzyDee-K I like that idea.. we all have our own views and ideas of what the townies should be like. We all have our own unique relationships with them. I do want them to flesh out the lore more and give them likes and dislikes maybe, but a townie refresh is really not needed..My version of Johnny Zest is well has been very ....... shall I say Zesty ? LOL
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Re: My thought on the Goth refresh.

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I personally don't care if they wanted to makeover vanilla characters and families, but in my opinion if they're going to do that sort of thing they need to add the updated families to the Gallery and make them optional instead of just forcing anyone that starts a new game to have them. Or if they are going to replace the defaults, at least put versions of the originals in the Gallery. I'm sure players have versions of the originals in there already, but I'm sure some aren't completely original and I'd rather just have the EA originals to choose from.


Or another idea I have is to have an option when starting a new game that lets you pick what version of a family you want to use, and possibly even have an option to let you pick from versions saved in your Gallery. Then instead of starting a new game and manually replacing a family, you just tell the game what version you want and it does it for you.

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Re: My thought on the Goth refresh.

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@valohim666 totally agree with you.
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