My thought on the Goth refresh.

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My thought on the Goth refresh.

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Thought not thoughts..  maybe? I am not too  impressed. 


One why is Mortie look older than Bella I thought they  met when they were the same age as children. I cannot stand Cassie, with that hair, omg it makes her look like Liberty Lee an other townie that I do not like..


Sooo what did I do about it. I make my own make over  of them plus added their original sims4 look to my library so I can replace them.


I did not start with the other sims games sims4 is my first....I wish they would have left alone and maybe added them to the gallery to down load as the new version... 


groans thanks sims4

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First overhaul of Sims is disaster and here's why:

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I was initially very excited for the promised overhaul of our favourite Sims. Team told us they are working on overal overhaul of Sims and lore. I even had higher hopes when they confirmes they worked together with community members. But with today's first overhaul of Goths, I just feel disappointed and really not excited for future.


This update honestly just doesn't sit right with me. All these months we have waited for something lot of our Simmers can do in one day? Did resources really went into concept arts? How long the team actually spent on Goths? And the outcome of really simple changes is just horrible. No respect to our favourite family. A few points:

-Skintones for Bella and Cassandra aren't still right ones. They always had more warm tones, but we ended up with ashy and cool skintones.

-I don't mind changes on Alexander, but please, his clothes and adult look needed more work.

-Bella is YA with teenage daughter, yet her face indicates she is the same age as Mortimer. And her iconic red dress is gone

-No clothes for warm and cold weather?


These are just few points, lot of players could come with different.


But back to the whole overhaul. It was said we would get full overhaul and lore update. So basically, lot of us expected updated relationship, biography, ancestors and family tree (seriously, Goths always had the most rich family tree, its really disapointing we are missing it), careers and skills, traits, sentiments, like and dislikes, and most importantly, that promised lore. Like I have no idea whag happened and why we ended up just with cosmetic changes (and why waited so long for them), and it would be best to tell us if we can even expect these things. I'm really mad about the lore part. Waiting so long, I kinda expected the update to be more huge and with like lore system or something


I sincerely hope The Sims Team will read the feedback from players, fix Goths and actually do the promised stuff.



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Re: First overhaul of Sims is disaster and here's why:

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I haven't updated yet, but this is disappointing.  Wasn't adding weather outfits part of the reason they did the overhaul in the first place?

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Re: First overhaul of Sims is disaster and here's why:

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@Felicat82 @PatrickClSim3Low 


Please notice that you must start a new game after updating to see the changes to the Goth family you will not see it in any saves created prior to the update. They now have cold and warm outfits and Bella does have the Red dress.

Please only PM me when asked to do so. Questions and answers belong here so everyone can benefit from them.
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Re: First overhaul of Sims is disaster and here's why:

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  1. You will never satisfy all User. Old player have different skin tone in mind. I think the skin tones now are just fine (but I grow up with sims1 goth!)
  2.  I don’t think the creator of this version checked how alexander looks if he ages up
  3. I think this is just the fault of the adult skin from vanilla. I really think the adult skin are too old and have to many wrinkles.
  4. They have both clothes in warm and cold weather? I have the same clothes for them as all other youtuber which shows the new look.

It was never mentioned that we get a whole overhaul, it was only mentioned that they will make sure we get the appearance back from older games. Sometimes I think people don’t know how much effort it would be to create a whole family tree and get sure that this tree doesn’t break if people delete/released the ghost from it. Sure, you can wish for all this but please, think a little realistic and what on effort this would be for a family, which only work on new save.


Generally, I love the new goths and they live now with the old *renamed* goths in my old save game. I think the team did a good job and I am looking forward for the Caliente family.

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Re: First overhaul of Sims is disaster and here's why:

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@daikoyu Actually, it was confirmed. Here's a quote from livestream:

"We are currently in the process of updating NPCs in The Sims 4 including visuals as well as their lore"

They said it themselves. And I personally have realistic wishes - fixing careers, relationships, biography, adding likes and dislikes are all simple and realistic changes. Your explanation of family tree is just blunt... Like sure, The Sims 2 had these issues, but like, you know this is new generation right? We have new tecchnologies, right? Team is bigger, has bigger budget, etc etc... Deeveloping family tree while having in mind past mistakes is nothing more that realistic expectation we all should have.

1. Skintones are issue regardless of what you try to imply. Bella and Cass had warmer tone and people just in hour gave these new version warmer tone and they look same.
2. Okay, and? It was their responsibility to check it. They had been working on four sims. Don't get me wrong, but even if they have this little amount of work and they still somehow don't check everything...
3. The point is.. Why is Bella young adult, when she has teenage daughter and looks as old as Mortimer, who is adult. Why they didn't age up Bella to match?
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Re: Sorry. The new Bella Goth concept looks terrible. Here's some notes.

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Honestly, I’m not getting that impression at all. Her skin is just a cooler/neutral shade than the others, it doesn’t look like bronzer that gives too much warmth. It’s ok to not like it, but I wouldn’t say that it’s not natural, there’s plenty of people who really have cooler skin tones.

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Re: First overhaul of Sims is disaster and here's why:

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@PatrickClSim3Low  and @Felicat82 , they did include the Hot and Cold Weather outfits, so @jpkarlsen is correct! 

@PatrickClSim3Low , you stated that with new technologies, a bigger team, and bigger budget, they should have been able to do better on the issues that you don't feel they did a good job on.  While we do have better technology today, we don't know if there is a bigger budget or larger team.  🤷‍♀️

Also, Bella does have a red dress, but I think I agree with @PatrickClSim3Low  in that the red dress is not the iconic shape from the Sims 1 and Sims 2.  Her party dress has the right shape! 


Bella's Everyday dress:

05-26-22_7-05-19 AM.png


Bella's Party dress: 

05-26-22_7-09-07 AM.png

Alexander looks great as a kid, but looks weird if you age him up.😬  The YouTuber Pixelade has a video on it.  

The rest of them look good, though I think Bellas' mouth is a little bit wide, and her hair is too wavy as compared to the Sims 2 Bella, and especially the Sims 1 Bella. But that isn't too big of a deal. 

Cassandra finally has the proper Sims 2 skintone! 😀 She looks great! (Though she now looks like my sister-in-law when she was a teen! 😄 ) 

Sadly, they did not include the Likes and Dislikes.😢  This would have been easy to click off a few things.  They all would love the same colors of black, red, gray, and white! 🤣

It is odd that Bella is a Young Adult, (and one at the beginning of that life stage, no less, so she is not old enough to have a teenage daughter.  I would have bought her being a young adult with a teenage daughter if they had put her near the end of that life stage! 

The main thing for me is that even though I think they did a good job, it is very odd seeing different Goths in the Sims4.  They never overhauled any Sims from any of the other versions of the Sims, so it seems odd.  But that is just me.  I would have had a better time dealing with the changes had they come with a new version of the game.  I guess I will just have to call these the Sims 4.5 Goths! 😅

I felt that Mortimer would wear a hat in cold weather, so I gave him this one:

05-26-22_7-13-32 AM.png

@daikoyu , you are right in that there is no way to please everybody! 😅  I hope they do as good of a job on the Calientes because  I felt that Dina doesn't look anything like her Sims 2 version! 😥


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Re: Sorry. The new Bella Goth concept looks terrible. Here's some notes.

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@BingusChair Thank God it was! We actually got a really good redesign that felt like it considered a lot of issues I had. Though, I think it was perfectly fair to be concerned about that concept art since it looked terrible. I also find it really weird that they used concept artists at the start considering they could've just played around with CAS for a bit to show something better.
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Re: First overhaul of Sims is disaster and here's why:

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@PugLove888 I'm again quoting one of the SimGurus who said they have much bigger team and more resources than they ever had. All I need to hear is that if they will work on the lore and to what extent - what I imagine behind lore in terms of Goths is their rich family tree Bella. So honestly, I just want that simple conformation, that is all
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