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My sims won't clean dishes

by lcsims1

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My sims won't clean dishes

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My sims will not wash dishes. When I tell them to wash them, they pick them up, hold them for a couple of seconds, and then set them back down.


I have 3 working sinks and a dishwasher on my lot. All of which I have replaced. I have no microwave and I replaced my oven. There is nothing blocking their path to any of these sinks since they can use them all for washing their hands. When there are multiple dishes laying around, they will stack them all up, but then just set them back down.


I also went to another household on the same save file, and they're able to wash dishes, so I'm SUPER confused.

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Re: My sims won't clean dishes

@lcsims1 Check your shelves or half walls for dirty dishes out of reach. Dishes in shelves is the usual reason for this issue.

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