My dog won't swim

by Lailantie

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My dog won't swim

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In the beginning my young Wheaten Terrier Sweetie would swim in the ocean together with my sim. When they moved away from Sulani and the dog saw the first swimming pool she got scared, showed the bubble with a crossed out swimming pool and covered her eyes with her paw. So that's not a bug, it's a feature. However, when they travelled back to Sulani, my dog wouldn't swim in the ocean anymore. And the bubble didn't show crossed out water or pools, but the sign the sims have when something blocks them or they can't open the fridge because someone else claimed the fridge first. So I went to the shallow water with my dog, all went fine, but the moment where she would have had to swim, she gave me the "not possible" bubble. Is my dog broken, and is this a bug? This doesn't look like a feature anymore.

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