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More Suggestions For The Sims Mobile -2022-

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Suggestions For New Sims Items-2022


-More tattoo options (so far only 1 tattoo)

-Piercings options (nose, labret, belly, etc)

-Horns?  Devil, unicorn, etc...

-More unique eye colours.  Yes....even red would totally rock!  Black. Or white eyes for those ghostly sims...

-More body/ face/skin options for totally different looking sims. Tall/short/buck teeth,beauty marks, eye patch, braces, etc.


*Genres of clothing*

-Pinup hairstyles/ clothing

-Rocker hairstyles/ clothing

-Punk hairstyles/ clothing

-Emo hairstyles/clothing



-More hats (always fun and completes an outfit!)

-More boots/shoes  (I’m always excited to try on new kicks)

-Nail polish option


-Better items in sims workshop to construct.  (Ex: Hair we may have missed in the past, clothing, etc.)

-New Izzy items with new special effects. 

-Seasons!! Make it winter, summer, fall, spring on our own sims lots.  

-Balconies. We all want ‘em!!

-Ability to add more friends.

-Ability to custom colour the tint of hair/ clothes/ makeup, wallpaper, etc. 

-Ghost sims?  Translucent sim skins....


That’s it for now. I could go on and on. 😂

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Re: More Suggestions For The Sims Mobile -2022-

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YES to the balconies!!! I keep trying, just hoping an update has slipped in there. We all want them, just make it happen!


To also add to the list you've so awesomely created,

- No caps on the money plants

- Ability to sell items or building materials when upgrading and/or don't want anymore

- The ability to tell other Sims to leave our house (if that option is there, Ive never seen it, and I don't want to hassle through all of the "Rival" actions

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Re: More Suggestions For The Sims Mobile -2022-

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Right now there are not that many hobbies so it would be great if EA could add some more! 
I thought an additional hobby could be smthg do to with knitting, since we already have the basket of yarn/wool in game (i don't remember if this was from an event). Maybe as the sim gets better at the hobby (i.e. is at a higher hobby level) they could knit different items, such as clothing and rugs.



C'mon, everyone wants a pet Standard smile



Different roof shapes (e.g. curved roofs) will make the building aspect of the game more interesting too!




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Re: More Suggestions For The Sims Mobile -2022-

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@184c26dfa7e7d989a902099f8ee75dad "there isnt a leave my house option"
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Re: More Suggestions For The Sims Mobile -2022-

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The ivy wall I purchased from the popup does not connect from first floor to second floor as in the "Ivy Cottage" they sell/advertise. Why? I purchased 2 of these and thought they would connect but they don't. Now they just look stupid. 

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