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Re: Mod issues - Mac

by Bluebellflora

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Mod issues - Mac

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Hey Simmers,


Since the update I have been left with a number of problems with my mods. 

One that is already known; CC doors and windows not working.

But what I am asking about is if anyone knows what mod is causing some of the boxes on my game to not appear.

The box does not appear when; traveling (I cannot choose who to travel with, or travel at all) and the box for choosing which food you want to cook does not appear.

I am sure there may be others but these are the only two that I have tried.

The box is kind of there, it is a yellow lined box with an off colour circle of where my sims portrait should be; none of these are clickable. 


IF anyone has had this problem also and knows which Mod this is then please let me know.

I really do not want to delete all my mods and start again. Or remove some and try it as the game takes a good 25 minutes to start up!


Thank you so much!

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Re: Mod issues - Mac


Moved your thread to the General Discussion forum.

Sounds like a UI mod of some sort.

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Re: Mod issues - Mac

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@befnai--yes, it's UI Cheats Extension. we can't post direct links to mods here, but you can find the updated version on the creator's Patreon page.

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