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Missing items

by toppy1234

Original Post

Missing items

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Dear the sims mobile/ea team,


              I am writing this letter to inform you of a glitch that has been happening to my game. Over the past 5 months items have been disappearing from my game, this problem started in December 2019 when I logged into another device after editing. Multiple items are completely gone from my game such as a BBQ, hot tub, lights,doors,windows,plants, rugs and more. I don't remember much. I have made at least 11 cases to reach out to you but received no help all I got was the same automatic messages every time it seems like you guys are ignoring me. understand that we’re in the middle of a pandemic but I’m starting to lose interest and on the verge of deleting this game because a lot of my items are gone. I am begging to recive some help. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, I very much appreciate it.



Thia Pennant

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Re: Missing items

Hey @toppy1234, did you report the bug in-game? If you did so it could be correct that you don't get a reply.


You can contact EA through The Sims Mobile app. First things first, write down your Player ID or take a screenshot of it.

- Open side menu

- Click the gear icon

- Click the 'Help & About' tab

- Click 'Help'

Your browser opens

- Scroll down and click on 'Contact Us' 


Open the spoiler for picture how to get to the 'Contact Us' button:



The EA game advisor might ask you to perform a couple of troubleshooting steps you can find over here for Apple or Android. You can try those before contacting them, or while you're waiting on a reply.

If you're asked to clear data or reinstall the app, make sure your app is being back-upped to the App store or EA account.
The backup options might have turned off during a previous update. Your app will reset, but after creating a Sim you should get the popup to restore from the cloud. 


An image in the spoiler on where to find the backup options:


If you choose the 'Report Bug' option you might not receive a reply from EA. 


If you can't access the app for some reason. You can also contact EA outside of it.  

You can contact EA through this link:

If you want to do so in a different language you can choose your country of choice in the upper right-hand corner. 


You can also contact an EA game advisor through social media:

- Twitter:
- Facebook:


do not work for EA

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Betreff: Missing items

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@toppy1234I also had this..for luck it was only small winterfestlights but it is gone and i loved it.
They poofed after i junked a room with them inside while i was building a new home.
Now i allways putt every single item in the inventory and not destroying the room where they are in.
I think this helps at the bug. And it did not happen again now. Not that i noticed....
But its sad it are eventitems and then they are rare and possibly not buyable again.


And i will not write the support again..


I did that because of my lost golden hot tub..and i did it several times..and i got automaticly random answers and then they marked it also as solved every time.

I know we have this virus but the support is a catastroph atm.


That is sadly fact.

I hope they are all ok and i will continue playing but it is really hard to get an answer and help now.



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Re: Missing items

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This has been happening to me too! I’ve bought expensive items using sim cash and llama zoom several times only to find they are missing when I go back. I’ve also lost items from treasure quests - it says i own them but they are gone from where I placed them in the house and not in my inventory - so I can’t even buy them again! I also lose progress - like I’ll have completed a relationship story and when I go back it’s back to level 8 - or I’ll unlock a story and when I go back it’s locked again. VERY FRUSTRATING. I put in a case with EA - they said they would respond in 72 hours but it’s been over a week and I’ve heard nothing.

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Re: Missing items

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@LafyJade10I thought this is can tell you that my best friend lost three times her account.
I told her that she needs a new phone. It allways deleted the game and the files automaticly i think it maybe could be a bug on some sorts of older mobile phones with not enough saving spot?
If your phone is old or your tablet i would try a new one. 

But this was strange... she had saved her game and it was i think the phone could be the problem.

That it did not connect to the files because it did not save them.

Since i got a new phone this bug with the poofing items never came back.

Maybe you also could try to to go to the settings and put all on manuel. So the phone does not delete automaticly your cashe/files if it goes out of space.(during an update for example)

And if you build your house new then put in all items to your inventory with doing it to every single item. And let one room on the lot.

If you destroy a room or you make it smaller or change the room, then items are getting red, because they have no space. And then they could get lost. They could get lost forever or you need to buy them new. That is another bug to this. Idk if is the same bug, or if this is to everybody the same.

So put every single item out. That is the most safe way. And like i said i allways leave one of the old rooms on the ground and start to build the new house with it. If you are scared, store your most worthfully items in this room or more old  rooms. I do it this way. 
Maybe this helps you ...hopefully !

For me it does!

Greetings 🙂

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Re: Missing items

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@jayivy666 Thank you so much for taking the time to give me these tips! I will keep them in mind. I didn’t lose my entire account - just certain items. It was like when I closed out and went back in I had gone back in time to yesterday and anything I bought today disappeared, anything I unlocked today was back to being locked,  or any progress I made in a relationship was back to what it was yesterday. But yet in some ways the game remembered I bought those items because the background turned green and the price went up as if I already owned it and was buying an additional one, but yet the original item was no longer in my house or in storage. Very weird glitch! 

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Re: Missing items

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@LafyJade10Yes i also lost small stuff earlier with this bug, but it were small cute items from the Winterfest. And so i was sad because it were beautuful lights.
And the STS items disappear and you need to buy them new. And the most do cost over 3000 Simoleons each.
So i tried this and it works fine.
It is a bit more work and time effort on buildng a new home with this safe method..... But you will not loooooooose the items.

A lot of greetings and i am crossing my
fingers for you 😊💓

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Re: Missing items

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Community Manager

Hey @LafyJade10,


Thanks for letting us know there's a potential issue with this. After trying the suggestions @jayivy666 shared above, if the issue persists, could you fill out the bug report template on our bug report board please to flag it as a potential bug? I'll lock this thread in the meantime to limit splitting up information from the bug report.


In terms of your own personal accounts, if you're ever missing any content please get in touch with our support team asap to look into those items for you. Please follow the steps in this thread to reach out to the support team for any missing items: How to contact support for The Sims Mobile


- EA_Lanna


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