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Missing items in the Eco Living pack

by holliemangan

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Re: Missing items in the Eco Living pack


@KatAnubis, I got in the habit of using Maxis made Sims because of the wonderful backstories they had in TS2!  That gave us such a wonderful jumping off point.  I at least like to try them all out, and then I go back and play only the ones I really got a feel for.  And like you I often will have my Sims marry Maxis pre-mades .  With the story I told you before of the scientist who married Eva Capricosa from Get Together, I didn't even know she was a Maxis Made Sim!  I had played her house to test when I got Get Together, but then got really sick and couldn't play the game for a few months.  When I was able to return to playing, I got Get To Work as well, and started with the scientist I made.  He met Eva at a museum I think or maybe the park, and she looked familiar, but I couldnt' place her.  They seemed to really get along so I had him marry her.  Then I looked in her list of people she knows and realized who she was! Large smile  

But since I really enjoy making my own Sims, those are the Sims I tend to play the most ! Heart  Occasionally I will use Sims downloaded from the Gallery as well. 

Poor Diego Lobo in your game! DisappointedFrown It sounds like he's had a rough time! I'm glad he is happy now! Party hat
Which Maxis Made Sim from Port Promise did your former-Freegan Sim marry?Wondering  Sounds like they have a good life! 

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Re: Missing items in the Eco Living pack

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@PugLove888 My former freegan married Cameron Fletcher. He spent so much time helping her learn to use the Fabricator that it was a natural. In fact, he nearly proposed long before she was ready! I got one of those popup phone calls where one of the friends calls to ask advice. Sometimes they just want to be cheered up. Sometimes they ask if they should get pregnant. Cameron called and said that he had found an engagement ring in her backpack and wondered if he should propose before she did (or something to that effect.) I had her say "no" to that. She wasn't ready to share her space with anyone yet!

I haven't ever downloaded a Sim from the Gallery. I have on occasion downloaded a house but I never use it "as is". I always "renovate" it to fit my Sim's lifestyle (and my love of purple!) Like this mansion I downloaded from Aneta525 for my former freegan. It was lovely but I wanted it to be off the grid. So I had to remove all the little lights she had *everywhere* (including under rocks!), change all the plumbing to "off the grid" ones, change all the wallpapers to be the new "eco friendly" ones and put in dew collectors, wind turbines and solar panels. (I should just have started from scratch. It probably would have been easier than hunting down all those lights.) I also needed to make a basement for all their equipment (Fabricator, recycle machine, Fizzy Juice maker, woodworking table and exercise equipment.) I also put in a sheltered garden area (with a "living roof" to provide water) and trellises to put her bees. They are quite the self sufficient couple!

They do have a good life!

Your Eva Capricosa coupling sounds nice too. My family that included Diego Lobo have her as a friend. She comes to all their parties (and they have a *huge* penthouse mansion built by me specifically to hold parties. It's in a penthouse suite. I liked it so much I shared it on the Gallery so that others might enjoy it too. I think I named it something like Garden Party Penthouse.)
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