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Re: Missing fabrication unlocks

by Costa

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Re: Missing fabrication unlocks

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@HazeMan1990 wrote:

I have a current issue with the fabrication unlocks from the Civil Designer career, none of the unlocks are being unlocked at all, not even the vacuum thing, I've made drafts using the new tablet that is unlocked in the Civil Designer career and so far nothing is being unlocked, I didn't have this issue in my previous save, but in my new save its a constant annoyance. How do we unlock stuff that is unlockable for the fabrication machine?

The meat wall, smog vacuum and food fabrication recipes are unlocked starting around level 5 in the Green Technician branch of the Civil Designer career. If you chose the Civic Planner branch, those options don't unlock automatically.


**Edit: I have played the Civic Planner all the way to level 10 now, and although you don't get the fabrication recipes unlocked as you climb the career levels, I was delighted to find out that you DO get them unlocked. They appear to unlock by having Perfect Design Concepts accepted. For me, this started at level 9, so I can't say if it's tied to your career level, too, as I was never able to submit Perfect designs until I hit level 9. But it's obvious that it has something to do with the acceptance:

Civic Designer lvl9 perfect submission 1.png Civic Designer lvl9 perfect submission2.pngCivic Designer lvl9 perfect submission 3.png


There are also several fabrication items available via the "Enthuse about Fabrication" social interaction, and sometimes one of the Master Crafter sims will show up at your door and say they have something for you. If you invite them in, you'll be gifted various things - sometimes actual objects, and sometimes secret recipes for the fabricator. I've also had Master Crafter sims just volunteer the information autonomously during a conversation. So, talk with and make friends at your local community lot. Different Master Crafter sims show up quite often if you have a Crafter's space, but you can also meet Tina Tinker just about anywhere. Make her a friend and eventually she will gift you all the fabrication items.


Hope this helps! Happy simming!

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Re: Missing fabrication unlocks

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After 2 months i' m still looking for this Lamp. Please again someone can tell me how i can get it without cheats?



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Re: Missing fabrication unlocks

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   I've also been looking for her for months !! I can't find it either in the trash or when I use the "get excited about manufacturing" interaction. Did you get it?

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Re: Missing fabrication unlocks

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Hey @TodiAylu when posting on the English AHQ forums please ensure that you post in English.


You can find the Spanish forums here:


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Re: Missing fabrication unlocks

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   You said: "she will gift you all the fabrication items". But it doesn't seem to be true. Because I've been looking for the Floor Lamp recipe for months, using "Enthuse about Fabrication" social interaction with a Master Crafter, but I still never got it. It is only in build mode using the debugging trick. Do you know how you can get that lamp?

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Re: Missing fabrication unlocks

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after 6 months i am still missing it.  

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