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Maybe missing items?

by whackywhippet234

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Maybe missing items?

I was messing around with my house a bit and accidenly put them in storage. My game was a bit laggy so i decided to just stop redesigning it and to just close out. Recently i just got back on and i can't find my 2 heriloom cases or the heirlooms that where in them any where. Before i report this though, i wanted to know what tab the heirloom case would be under in storage?

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Re: Maybe missing items?



Sorry you can't find your heirloom displays.

Here's where they are supposed to be in the inventory:


Screenshot_20191210-204805_The Sims.jpg


Screenshot_20191210-204839_The Sims.jpg


Screenshot_20191210-204901_The Sims.jpg


Heirlooms should be here:


Screenshot_20191210-205018_The Sims.jpg


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Re: Maybe missing items?

@SalixCat i dont see that tab under rewards.... i just lost all those heirlooms and 2 display cases just now. Now what?

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