Makeover heirloom and missed packs

by rnzesaompl

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Makeover heirloom and missed packs

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So I only started playing the sims mobile this year, around March and I know I have missed out on lots of packs/challenges etc.  I understand the picture perfect heirloom was only obtainable through a STS and now have found out that the Makeover heirloom was only obtainable when buying a pack, both of which I missed out on.  Will us new players ever be given the chance the obtain these items?  Or does anyone think /know if we will be able to craft them in the eco workshop? I only ask this because I got to craft the ghost figure heirloom today and unlock the spirited friendship story which I’m REALLY happy about 👍😁😁


But I was just wondering if anyone knows if newer players will have the chance to purchase/craft items or do challenges to get items we missed out on because we haven’t played the game from the start?!? And do EA have any plans to increase the levels in the sims mobile?


Any comments, thoughts and information will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for reading this and happy playing fellow sims lovers!!👍👍👍

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Re: Makeover heirloom and missed packs

@rnzesaompl Thanks for your post. Hopefully it will be possible for players to obtain these heirlooms in the future. There are many players including myself who have asked the team for this.

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