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Lot Taxes Too High!!

by Josulyhar

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Re: Lot Taxes Too High!!

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@PsychotpsIt's kind of. You can actually travel there and steal everything back.


I've found another bug. You can actually go over the household funds cap.


1. Make sure you have more than one Sim in your household.

2. Amasse the household funds cap (easy with perfect Dragon Fruit plantation).

3. Split your household and send a Sim out (except the gardener/money maker) with most of the funds (I actually sent it with it all). Don't move it into any lot, leave it off worlds.

4. With your money maker/gardener (original household), amasse the household funds cap again.

5. Send another Sim out with most of the funds. DON'T merge it with the Sim you already sent off. Leave each of them in a separate household. Repeat the previous steps as many as you can (7 is the best).

6. When you're done sending Sims off with all your funds, amasse the funds cap once more.

7. Start merging the households with the Sims you sent off back.


When there's no Sim left in a household the game transfers all the funds to the merged household, even above the cap.

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Re: Lot Taxes Too High!!

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@MrKurausu I'd be careful testing things like that. Depending on what data type the variable they use to hold the money is, and what error checking (or lack thereof) they have, you could cause the variable to memory-overload. You'd get all KINDS of weird things happen then. Likely corrupt and crash your game.
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Re: Lot Taxes Too High!!

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@Psychotps It's not a problem so far. I just discovered this bug, and it's not harmful so far. The thing is that the next thing you buy will cap your funds again to $9,999,999. But if you use to buy a lot evaluated over 10kk this should work just fine.
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Re: Lot Taxes Too High!!

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Yeah they need to stop being rude. Trying to buy better appliances so my sim can live better but I have to pay double for. I’m playing this game to get AWAY from real life problems. Now I’m just pissed.

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Re: Lot Taxes Too High!!

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@Josulyhar Get that Aspiration reward (Shrewd) that gives you money depending on how much you have in your bank each week, it quickly adds up and you can have multiple household members have it. I have only been playing since April and have almost $80 Million...My Taxes on mansion are about $400 k a week.
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